I Reviewed The Best Scope For PCP Air Rifles in 2023

When it comes to achieving precise shots with your PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifle, having a high-quality scope is essential. A good scope can greatly enhance your shooting accuracy and overall shooting experience. In this article, I will explore and compare five top-rated scopes specifically designed for PCP air rifles. Each scope comes with its unique features and advantages, catering to various shooting styles and preferences. So, let’s dive into the details of these scopes and find the Best Budget Scope For PCP Air Rifle.

I Tested And Ranked The Best Scopes For PCP Air Rifles

  • SNIPER MT 4-16X50 AOL Scope on PCP Hunting Rifle
  • CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Review
  • SNIPER MT 4-16X50 AOL Hunting Rifle Scope Review
  • CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Review
  • CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Review

1. SNIPER MT 4-16X50 AOL Hunting Rifle Scope

Best Budget Scope For PCP Air Rifle

The Sniper MT 4-16X50 AOL Hunting Rifle Scope is a versatile optic designed to excel in a variety of shooting scenarios. It features a Red, Green, and Blue illuminated color Mil-Dot reticle, providing you with quick target acquisition and precise holdover points. The auto-off function ensures the scope conserves battery life when not in use.

The superior multi-coated lenses minimize glare and reflection while maximizing light transmission, ensuring exceptional image brightness and clarity from edge to edge. This is crucial for obtaining a clear and crisp sight picture in any lighting condition.

Additionally, the Sniper MT scope includes a sunshade and mount, further enhancing its value and convenience. The Quick Adjustment (QTA) turrets with 1/4″ MOA click value allow for easy and precise wind and elevation adjustments. The scope is also nitrogen purged, making it completely waterproof and fog proof.

Keep in mind that this scope is optimized for use with .308 rifles, so if you’re using a larger caliber rifle, it’s essential to avoid potential damage to the scope.


  • Clear optics and excellent image quality
  • Impressive build quality and design
  • Holds zero well for most users


  • Some concerns about potential issues with holding zero
  • Illuminated crosshairs can be finicky and may not always work

2. Hunting Rifle Scope MK4-16x50SAL Red and Green Illuminated

Hunting Rifle Scope MK4-16x50SAL Red and Green Illuminated Review

The Hunting Rifle Scope MK4-16x50SAL offers impressive features and durability, making it a reliable companion for your PCP air rifle. Its red and green illuminated reticle with multiple brightness intensities ensures visibility in various lighting conditions.

The glass-etched reticle and fully multi-coated lens deliver sharp and clear images, while the robust 30mm aircraft-grade one-piece tube construction ensures durability and stability.

The windage and elevation turrets offer at least 25 MOA adjustment on either side of the optical center, making it easy to zero your scope and maintain accuracy. The re-zeroable turrets provide added convenience for fine-tuning your shots.

Like the Sniper MT scope, the MK4-16x50SAL is nitrogen purged, making it waterproof and fog proof. The package includes a mount, rubber caps, CR2032 battery, cleaning cloth, and an Allen key, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly offering.


  • Good glass clarity and brightness
  • Affordable option with included accessories
  • Holds zero on some air rifles and lower-power firearms


  • Some users report challenges with sighting in due to internal barrel movement
  • May not handle high-recoil rifles well

3. Hammers Short Compact Airgun PCP Air Rifle Scope 6X32AO

Hammers Short Compact Airgun PCP Air Rifle Scope 6X32AO Review

If you’re looking for a compact and straightforward scope, the Hammers Short Compact Airgun PCP Air Rifle Scope is an excellent choice. The fixed 6x magnification provides a clear and focused view of your target, ideal for precision shooting.

The illuminated MilDot reticle adds versatility to this scope, allowing you to adapt to different lighting conditions. The scope’s 1-inch main tube is constructed with a strong one-piece design for added durability.

The low-profile finger-adjustable turret screws enable easy and precise adjustments, ensuring you can fine-tune your shots quickly. The premium multi-coated optics deliver crystal-clear visuals, allowing for better target identification.

Furthermore, the adjustable objective corrects parallax from 5 yards to infinity, helping eliminate any parallax error for more accurate shots.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Clear optics and reticle illumination
  • Holds zero well on some air rifles


  • Some complaints about quality control issues
  • Limited adjustability and may not work for heavy recoiling rifles

4. Hatsan Optima 3-12X50AO Scope

Hatsan Optima 3-12X50AO Scope Review

The Hatsan Optima 3-12X50AO Scope is a feature-rich option with a zoom range of 3-12x and a 50mm adjustable objective lens. The versatile magnification range allows you to switch between close and long-range shooting scenarios effortlessly.

The 1-inch tube diameter is a standard size that fits most scope mounts, and the package includes dovetail mounts for added convenience.

The Mil-dot reticle aids in precise holdover and windage adjustments, helping you compensate for various shooting conditions. The scope is built to withstand tough conditions, being water, fog, and shock-resistant.


  • Affordable scope with decent clarity
  • Holds up well on certain air rifles, including magnum break barrels
  • Comes with sunshade and mounts


  • Mounts may not be reliable for some users
  • Limited MOA adjustment range

5. CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24×50 AOE

CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope 6-24x50 AOE Review

The CVLIFE Hunting Rifle Scope offers a wide magnification range of 6-24x, making it suitable for both close-range and long-range shooting. The 50mm objective diameter ensures excellent light-gathering capabilities, providing a clear and bright image.

The illuminated reticle in red and green allows for easy target acquisition in low-light conditions. The 1/8-inch click value at 100 yards enables precise windage and elevation adjustments for enhanced shooting accuracy.


  • Budget-friendly option for long-range shooting
  • Clear optics and good reticle illumination
  • Easy and quick zeroing for some users


  • Some quality control issues reported, may receive defective units
  • Focus adjustment may be stiff and challenging to use quickly

Final Words On Best Scope For PCP Air Rifle

Choosing the best scope for your PCP air rifle depends on your shooting preferences and requirements. Each scope listed above brings its unique set of features and advantages to the table. Whether you prefer a compact design, advanced illumination options, or a versatile magnification range, there’s a scope that suits your needs. Take your time to consider these factors and choose the scope that will optimize your shooting experience with your PCP air rifle. Remember to always match the scope to the caliber of your air rifle to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Happy shooting!

FAQs for the Best PCP Air Rifle Scopes

What is the ideal magnification range for a PCP air rifle scope?

The ideal magnification range for a PCP air rifle scope depends on the shooting scenarios you encounter most frequently. For general shooting and target practice, a scope with a magnification range of 4-16x or 3-12x can be versatile enough. If you engage in long-range shooting or require more precise shots, consider scopes with magnification ranges of 6-24x or higher. Remember, higher magnification may reduce the field of view, so finding a balance that suits your needs is essential.

Are illuminated reticles necessary for PCP air rifle scopes?

Illuminated reticles can be highly beneficial, especially when shooting in low-light conditions or against dark backgrounds. The illumination helps to quickly acquire the target and provides contrast for improved accuracy. However, whether illuminated reticles are necessary depends on your shooting preferences and the lighting conditions in which you often shoot. If you frequently shoot during dusk, dawn, or in dense woods, an illuminated reticle can significantly enhance your shooting experience.

Can I use any scope on a PCP air rifle, or are there specific considerations?

While many scopes can be used on PCP air rifles, it’s essential to consider a few factors to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. First, ensure that the scope is designed to withstand the unique recoil characteristics of PCP air rifles, which can differ from traditional firearms. Additionally, consider the scope’s parallax adjustment capabilities, as some scopes may not offer adjustments suitable for air rifle shooting distances. It’s also crucial to match the scope to the caliber of your air rifle to avoid potential damage.

What features should I prioritize when choosing a PCP air rifle scope?

When choosing a PCP air rifle scope, several features should be prioritized based on your shooting needs. Look for scopes with high-quality, multi-coated lenses to maximize light transmission and clarity. The reticle type is crucial; consider Mil-Dot reticles for precise holdover and windage adjustments. Easy-to-use turrets with clear click values aid in quick adjustments during shooting sessions. Lastly, make sure the scope is nitrogen-purged and O-ring sealed for waterproof and fog-proof performance, ensuring it can withstand various weather conditions and maintain optimal clarity.

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