I Tested And Ranked Best Lightweight PCP Air Rifles in 2023

PCP air rifles have gained immense popularity among airgun enthusiasts due to their power, accuracy, and ease of use. For those seeking lightweight PCP air rifles with versatile option, I’ve tested and selected the top 6 PCP air rifles that deliver outstanding performance. From hunting to target shooting, these rifles offer a range of features that make them stand out in the market. In this comprehensive review, I’ll delve into the specifications and capabilities of each rifle to help you make an informed choice.

  • Gamo Urban Rifle Review with Pictures
  • HatsanF lashPup QE Review with Picture
  • Hatsan Flash Wood QE PCP Air Rifle Picture
  • JTS Airacuda Max Rifle Review with picture

1. Umarex Notos Carbine Lightweight PCP Air Rifle

My Top Pick

Key Features

  • Impressive power from short 11.75-inch barrel
  • 7-shot auto-indexing rotary magazine for quick follow-up shots
  • Quiet side lever cocking mechanism for smooth shooting
  • Fixed HP air tank for consistent shot-to-shot performance
  • Versatile for small game hunting, plinking, and target shooting

The Umarex Notos Carbine is a compact and powerful air rifle designed for game hunting, plinking, and target shooting. Its short 11.75-inch barrel propels .22 caliber pellets at an impressive velocity of 700 fps. The 7-shot auto-indexing rotary magazine ensures quick follow-up shots, making it ideal for hunters. The side lever cocking mechanism provides smooth and quiet shooting, enhancing the overall shooting experience. Additionally, the fixed HP air tank is regulated for consistent shot-to-shot performance, ensuring accuracy during extended shooting sessions.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Highly accurate and easy to handle
  • Quiet operation


  • Some issues with filling the air tank correctly

2. Air Venturi Avenger PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • High velocity (up to 930 fps, .22 caliber) and adjustable regulator
  • Sidelever cocking and two-stage adjustable trigger for precise shooting
  • Dual gauges for monitoring regulator and fill pressure
  • Fully shrouded barrel for quiet shooting

The Air Venturi Avenger is a feature-packed PCP air rifle suitable for various shooting applications. Available in .22 and .25 caliber options, it shoots up to 930 fps and 900 fps, respectively. The sidelever cocking and two-stage adjustable trigger allow for precise and easy shooting. The externally adjustable regulator (up to 3,000 PSI) provides customizable shot consistency. The Avenger boasts a fully shrouded barrel for quiet shooting, while the dual gauges keep track of regulator pressure and fill pressure. It comes with a 10-round magazine for .177 and .22 calibers and an 8-round magazine for .25 caliber, making it a great choice for shooters who value versatility.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Regulated for consistent shots
  • Easy entry into the PCP world


  • Few issues with the magazine’s reliability

3. Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Up to 800 fps velocity and 30 shots per fill
  • Whisper Fusion Technology for reduced noise
  • 10-pellet rotary clip and hammer-forged rifled barrel for accuracy
  • Self-regulated valve and CAT trigger for smooth operation
  • Suitable for bolt action, small game hunting, and plinking

The Gamo Urban PCP Air Rifle is a high-quality product designed for optimal performance. With a maximum velocity of 800 fps and 30 shots per fill, it offers excellent shot capacity. The whisper fusion technology and hammer-forged rifled barrel ensure a quiet and accurate shooting experience. The CAT (Custom Action Trigger) provides a smooth and consistent trigger pull, enhancing accuracy. Its lightweight design and self-regulated valve make it easy to handle and perfect for extended shooting sessions.


  • Incredible accuracy and precision
  • Smooth lever action for quick follow-up shots
  • Good value for the performance


  • Can be a bit loud for urban environments

4. Beeman PCP Underlever Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Recoilless operation for enhanced accuracy
  • 12-shot magazine and 3,000 psi air tank for extended shooting
  • Fiber optic sights for improved target acquisition
  • Underlever cocking mechanism for easy use
  • Lightweight and versatile design for easy carrying

The Beeman PCP Underlever Air Rifle is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. With its underlever cocking mechanism, there’s no need to break the barrel, making it exceptionally user-friendly. The recoilless operation and fiber optic sights contribute to its accuracy. The 12-shot magazine and 3,000 psi air tank ensure ample shots per fill. The Beeman PCP Underlever Air Rifle is a fantastic choice for shooters looking for a lightweight, versatile, and affordable PCP air rifle.


  • Accurate and powerful performance
  • Well-made, solid construction
  • Easy to cock underlever design


  • Heavy trigger pull

5. HatsanFlashPup QE PCP Pellet Rifle

Key Features

  • Available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers for diverse shooting options
  • QuietEnergy technology with integrated sound moderator
  • Quattro Trigger for adjustable match-grade shooting
  • Patented anti-knock system prevents gas wastage
  • Combination picatinny and 11mm dovetail optics rail for accessories

The Hatsan FlashPup QE PCP Pellet Rifle is easily available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, catering to various shooting preferences. The side-bolt, pre-charged pneumatic design allows for quick follow-up shots with the spring-loaded rotary magazines. The QuietEnergy technology integrated into the sound moderator makes it an ideal choice for backyard shooting. The adjustable Quattro Trigger enhances accuracy, and the 165cc 200 BAR air cylinder ensures a good number of shots per fill. With its combination picatinny and 11mm dovetail optics rail, the Hatsan FlashPup QE is ready for any scope or accessory you desire.


  • Good shot count per charge
  • Solid build quality and attractive design
  • Easy to fill with manual pump


  • Some users found the bolt action a bit rough

6. JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Available in .22 and .25 calibers for flexible shooting preferences
  • Sidelever action for quick and easy follow-up shots
  • All-metal construction for durability and robustness
  • Fully regulated for consistent shot velocity
  • Adjustable cheekpiece and textured rubber buttpad for comfort during shooting sessions

The JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle is a well-built, all-metal air rifle available in .22 and .25 calibers. Its sidelever action and repeater feature make it convenient for quick follow-up shots. The fully regulated 3,200 PSI fill pressure ensures consistent shot velocity, and the integrated reservoir and regulator manometers provide essential pressure information. The wood thumbhole stock and adjustable cheekpiece make it comfortable for shooters of different sizes. With an 18″ shrouded barrel and an overall weight of 7.9 lbs, the Airacuda Max strikes a balance between power and portability.


  • Impressive power and velocity for long-range shooting
  • Clear and easy-to-use onboard pressure gauge
  • Smooth side lever action for quick follow-up shots


  • It may take some time to get used to the rifle’s overall size and weight

Benefits of Lightweight PCP Air Rifles

In the world of airguns, the benefits of lightweight PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) air rifles are nothing short of revolutionary. These nimble and maneuverable air rifles offer a perfect balance between power and portability, making them a top choice for both seasoned shooters and beginners alike.

The primary advantage lies in their ease of handling, allowing for quick target acquisition and steady aim, even in the most challenging shooting conditions. Despite their reduced weight, these air rifles boast impressive performance, delivering remarkable muzzle velocities and kinetic energy that rival their heavier counterparts.

Moreover, the minimalist design, often incorporating advanced materials, not only reduces fatigue during extended shooting sessions but also ensures a comfortable shooting experience. With easy customization options and versatility, lightweight PCP air rifles are redefining the landscape of modern airgunning, attracting a new wave of enthusiasts and further solidifying their place as the future of airgun technology.

Things to consider before buying Lightweight PCP Air Guns

Discover the key factors to keep in mind when purchasing lightweight PCP air guns. From intended use and build quality to power options and user reviews, make an informed decision for an enhanced shooting experience.

Intended Use

Before purchasing a lightweight PCP air gun, it’s essential to determine how you plan to use it. These guns are particularly well-suited for activities like field target shooting, pest control, and small game hunting, where mobility and maneuverability are crucial. However, if you primarily engage in stationary target shooting or require higher shot counts per fill, you might want to consider other PCP gun options that offer more stability and a larger air reservoir.

Build Quality and Materials

While the focus is on reducing weight, the build quality and materials used in the construction of the lightweight PCP air gun should not be compromised. Look for models that utilize durable and high-quality synthetic stocks or lightweight yet robust metals. This ensures that the air gun remains sturdy and reliable despite its reduced weight, making it last longer and withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Power and Velocity

Consider the power and velocity of the lightweight PCP air gun based on your shooting requirements. The shooting distance and the type of game you intend to pursue will dictate the necessary power levels. It’s also crucial to check the gun’s shot count per fill and the ease of refilling its air reservoir. If you plan on longer shooting sessions, you’ll need either a larger air reservoir or the option to carry spare air tanks.

Features and Customization

Look for lightweight PCP air gun models that offer valuable features and customization options. Adjustable stocks, cheek rests, and trigger sensitivity can significantly improve shooting comfort and overall accuracy. Additionally, having Picatinny or Weaver rails allows you to attach various accessories like scopes, lasers, and bipods, enhancing the gun’s performance and versatility.

User Reviews and Feedback

Before finalizing a purchase, conduct thorough research and read reviews from other users who have firsthand experience with the lightweight PCP air gun model you’re interested in. Real-world insights and feedback can provide valuable information about the gun’s performance, accuracy, reliability, and potential issues.

Budget Considerations

Set a clear budget for your lightweight PCP air gun purchase. While some PCP Rifles Under $500 offer advanced features and technology, prices can vary significantly. Determine your budget range and try to find the best possible option within that scope while considering the factors mentioned earlier. Remember that a higher upfront investment in a quality lightweight PCP air gun often pays off in terms of performance and longevity.


When it comes to lightweight PCP air rifles, these top 6 contenders showcase exceptional performance, accuracy, and versatility. Each rifle has its unique strengths, making it suitable for various shooting applications, be it hunting, plinking, or target shooting. Consider your shooting preferences and requirements when selecting the perfect PCP air rifle for your needs. Whichever model you choose, you’re sure to experience the thrill and satisfaction of using a high-quality PCP air rifle. I hope you find this review beneficial, Good Luck!


Are lightweight PCP air guns suitable for beginners?

Yes, lightweight PCP air guns can be ideal for beginners as they are easier to carry, handle, and shoot. Their reduced weight enhances maneuverability and reduces fatigue, making them a great choice for those new to airgunning.

What makes lightweight PCP air rifles different from traditional air rifles?

Lightweight PCP air guns differ from traditional air rifles in their power source and construction. PCP air rifles use compressed air, offering higher accuracy and shot consistency. Additionally, they are built with advanced materials such as carbon fiber, making them lighter and more durable.

Are there any limitations to consider with lightweight PCP air guns?

While lightweight PCP air guns have numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider their smaller air reservoirs. This may result in fewer shots per fill compared to heavier PCP models. However, this can be addressed by carrying a portable air tank or pump for refills during extended shooting sessions.

What type of shooting activities are lightweight PCP air guns best suited for?

Lightweight PCP air guns are versatile and can excel in various shooting activities. Whether it’s target shooting, pest control, small game hunting, or plinking, their combination of accuracy and portability makes them well-suited for a wide range of uses.

Are there any maintenance differences compared to traditional air rifles?

In terms of maintenance, lightweight PCP air guns follow the same principles as other PCP rifles. Regular cleaning, barrel maintenance, and ensuring a proper air seal are essential. However, their lightweight build may require some extra care to avoid accidental damage, so investing in a good gun case is recommended.

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