I Tested And Ranked The Best Pellet Gun for Rabbits in 2023

Are you tired of rabbits causing havoc in your garden or looking to refine your hunting skills by targeting these elusive creatures? If so, you’re in luck! In this captivating blog post, I’ll explore the air rifles specifically designed for rabbits, bringing you an in-depth guide to the six best options available. Discover the best pellet gun for rabbits to enhance your hunting experience

Whether your goal is to protect your precious plants or embark on an exciting hunting adventure, these powerful tools will help you achieve your desired outcomes. Join me as I unveil the top-rated pellet guns, enabling you to effectively deal with rabbits and elevate your shooting experience to new heights. Get ready to arm yourself with the perfect weapon for destruction or hunting prowess.

Best Pellet Gun for Rabbits

  • The Best Pellet Gun for Rabbits
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Detailed Review Of The Top 6 Best Pellet Gun for Rabbits

1. Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion PCP Air Rifle

My Top Pick

Key Features

  • High power and pinpoint accuracy
  • 10-shot repeater system for rapid cycling of shots
  • Whisper Fusion noise dampening technology for reduced sound
  • Match-quality full-floated barrel for improved accuracy
  • High-grade beechwood stock and adjustable trigger for enhanced comfort and control

When it comes to hunting rabbits with unparalleled precision and power, the Gamo Coyote Whisper Fusion PCP Air Rifle stands in a league of its own. This exceptional pellet gun merges high power and pinpoint accuracy to create a formidable hunting companion. Designed to elevate your shooting experience, this rifle boasts an array of features that set it apart from the competition.

High Power and Pinpoint Accuracy

At the heart of the Coyote Whisper Fusion lies its ability to combine high power with exceptional accuracy. With a velocity of up to 1,200 fps in .177 caliber and 1,100 fps in .22 caliber, this rifle delivers the speed and energy needed to take down rabbits swiftly and efficiently. Its match-quality, full-floated barrel ensures precise shot placement, giving you the confidence to hit your target with remarkable consistency.

Innovative 10-Shot Repeater System

Equipped with an innovative 10-shot repeater system, the Coyote Whisper Fusion offers a seamless shooting experience. The spring-loaded, press-to-load feature allows for rapid cycling of shots at a remarkable rate of one per second. This means you can stay focused on the hunt without the need for constant reloading, giving you an edge in the field.

Whisper Fusion Noise Dampening Technology

Stealth is of utmost importance when hunting rabbits, and the Coyote Whisper Fusion understands this. With the Whisper Fusion noise dampening technology from Gamo, this air rifle operates with reduced noise levels, ensuring minimal disturbance to your surroundings. Now you can take your shots with confidence, knowing that the element of surprise remains on your side.

2. Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator
  • Quattro 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Anti-Knock System to prevent gas wastage
  • All-weather synthetic stock with checkered grip and Monte Carlo cheek rest
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability

When it comes to a budget-friendly yet highly capable air gun for rabbit hunting, the Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle reigns supreme. This manual loading, side bolt action air rifle offers exceptional performance at an affordable price point. Available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, the Flash QE delivers power, precision, and an outstanding shooting experience.

QuietEnergy Fully Shrouded Barrel with Integrated Sound Moderator

The Flash QE boasts Hatsan’s patented QuietEnergy technology, featuring a fully shrouded barrel with an integrated sound moderator. This advanced design reduces sound up to 50%, making it ideal for hunters who value stealth and want to minimize noise disturbances while in pursuit of rabbits. Enjoy the benefits of a quieter shooting experience without sacrificing power or accuracy.

Quattro 2-Stage Adjustable Trigger and Anti-Knock System

Equipped with Hatsan’s Quattro 2-stage adjustable trigger, the Flash QE offers precise control and a customizable trigger pull to suit individual preferences. The manual safety adds an extra layer of security, ensuring safe handling during your hunting excursions. Additionally, the rifle features Hatsan’s patented anti-knock system, preventing gas wastage in case of accidental knocks or bounces.

All-Weather Synthetic Stock and Lightweight Design

The Flash QE features an ambidextrous, skeletonized all-weather synthetic stock, making it suitable for various weather conditions. With its black anodized aluminum receiver, checkered grip, Monte Carlo cheek rest, and rubber butt pad, this rifle offers excellent control, comfort, and durability. Weighing in at just 5.9 lbs, it provides a lightweight option for hunters who value maneuverability and ease of use.

3. Gamo Swarm Viper GEN3i Pellet Gun

Key Features

  • High-powered air rifle with 1,000 FPS velocity
  • Inertia Fed 10X GEN3i magazine for rapid follow-up shots
  • Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression for quieter shooting
  • IGT Gas Piston power system for smoother operation
  • Precision Trigger with adjustable stages for customized shooting

When it comes to lightning-fast follow-up shots and exceptional shooting performance, the Gamo Swarm Viper GEN3i takes center stage. This high-powered air rifle delivers incredible speed and accuracy, revolutionizing your shooting experience. The Swarm Viper GEN3i a standout choice for enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Inertia Fed 10X GEN3i Magazine

The GEN3i technology brings a revolutionary magazine integration system to the Swarm Viper. With horizontal inertia feed, this 10-shot magazine allows for lightning-quick follow-up shots. Simply break the barrel, fire, and be ready for the next shot without the need for manual reloading. Experience unparalleled efficiency and rapid shooting capabilities.

Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression

The Swarm Viper GEN3i features the Whisper Maxxim noise suppression system, designed to deliver a quieter shooting experience. With two noise dampening chambers and an improved muzzle break design, this air rifle reduces noise levels and minimizes disturbance to your surroundings. Enjoy the power and precision without sacrificing peace and quiet.

IGT Gas Piston Power and Precision Trigger

The IGT Gas Piston replaces the traditional spring power plant, providing smoother cocking, less vibration, and improved shot consistency. This gas piston power system ensures reliable performance, shot after shot. Additionally, the CAT (Custom Action Trigger) allows you to independently adjust the 1st and 2nd stages of the trigger, tailoring the pull weight and crispness to your personal preference. Enjoy a precise and customizable shooting experience.

4. Benjamin Vaporizer Break Barrel Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Break barrel design with up to 1400 fps velocity (.177 caliber)
  • SBD Sound Suppression Technology for a quieter shooting experience
  • Ergonomic stock with soft touch inserts and rubber recoil pad
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger for customized trigger pull
  • Includes Centerpoint 3-9x40mm scope for added precision

If you are looking for a high-powered air rifle that combines exceptional performance and accuracy, the Benjamin Vaporizer Break Barrel Air Rifle stands out from the rest. With its impressive features and reliable design, this air rifle delivers an unrivaled shooting experience. Whether you’re targeting small game, honing your shooting skills, or seeking a reliable companion for recreational shooting, the Benjamin Vaporizer exceeds expectations with its unparalleled power and precision.

Break Barrel Power and Velocity

The Vaporizer boasts a .177-caliber break barrel design, providing up to 1400 fps velocity with single-shot capability. Experience power like never before as you take down targets with remarkable speed and precision. This air rifle is a formidable companion for any shooting enthusiast.

SBD Sound Suppression Technology

Equipped with SBD Sound Suppression Technology, the Benjamin Vaporizer ensures a quieter shooting experience. This innovative technology reduces the noise produced during firing, making it an excellent choice for those who value stealth and want to minimize disturbances in the field. Enjoy the power without the unnecessary noise.

Ergonomic Design and Adjustable Trigger

The Vaporizer features an ergonomic stock with soft touch inserts and a rubber recoil pad. This design provides comfort and stability, allowing for improved accuracy and control. Additionally, the two-stage adjustable trigger enables you to customize the trigger pull to suit your personal preference, enhancing your shooting experience.

5. Umarex Emerge Break Barrel Pellet Gun

Key Features

  • Auto-advancing 12-shot rotary pellet magazine
  • TNT power system for consistent shooting
  • Enhanced SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampener
  • Shoots .22 caliber pellets at up to 800 FPS
  • Includes 4x32mm air rifle scope and fiber optic sights

When it comes to a reliable and feature-packed pellet gun, the Umarex Emerge Break Barrel Pellet Gun stands out as a top choice for shooters and hunters seeking an exceptional shooting experience. With its user-friendly design, impressive features, and commitment to precision, this air rifle delivers a smooth and consistent shooting performance. Whether you’re honing your shooting skills, engaging in small game hunting, or enjoying casual plinking, the Umarex Emerge combines ease of use with power, accuracy, and versatility.

Auto-Advancing 12-Shot Rotary Pellet Magazine

The Umarex Emerge utilizes an auto-advancing 12-shot rotary pellet magazine, making it incredibly easy to load, cock, and shoot. This convenient design allows for rapid-fire action and quick follow-up shots, enhancing your shooting efficiency and overall experience.

TNT Power System and Enhanced SilencAir Noise Dampener

Equipped with the TNT power system, the Umarex Emerge delivers smooth and consistent shooting power. This power system ensures reliable performance and accuracy with each shot. Additionally, the air rifle features an Enhanced SilencAir 5-chamber noise dampener, permanently affixed to reduce downrange noise. Enjoy a quieter shooting experience without compromising on power and performance.

Versatility and Optics

The Umarex Emerge shoots .22 caliber pellets at speeds of up to 800 FPS, making it perfect for target practice, small game hunting, or plinking. It includes a 4x32mm air rifle scope that mounts to the Picatinny rail mount, providing enhanced accuracy and target acquisition. Additionally, the rifle comes equipped with fiber optic front and rear sights, offering an alternative sighting option.

6. Stoeger S4000-E Airgun

Key Features

  • Patented S3 integrated sound moderator reduces noise
  • Interchangeable front fiber-optic sights for customizable aiming
  • Multi-Grip System with ProAdaptive Checkering for personalized comfort
  • ProAdaptive Checkering on multiple parts for a secure grip
  • 5-year limited warranty for added peace of mind

As I conclude my list of the best air rifles for rabbit hunting, there is one exceptional contender that deserves its rightful place among the top choices—the Stoeger S4000-E Airgun. This remarkable air rifle offers a winning combination of power, precision, and innovative features that set it apart from the rest. Prepare to be captivated by the Stoeger S4000-E Air Gun.

Patented S3 Integrated Sound Moderator

The Stoeger S4000-E introduces the new and patented S3 integrated sound moderator—a groundbreaking technology that seamlessly combines internal air-regulating baffles with a specially designed decompression chamber. This ingenious system significantly reduces noise, ensuring a quieter shooting experience without compromising performance. Get ready to embrace the perfect harmony of power and stealth.

Interchangeable Front Fiber-Optic Sights

Setting a new standard in functionality and technology, the S4000-E is the first airgun to feature interchangeable front fiber-optic sights. This pioneering feature allows you to customize your sight configuration according to your preferences and shooting conditions, ensuring optimal target acquisition and accuracy. Experience the freedom to adapt and achieve unparalleled precision.

Multi-Grip System with ProAdaptive Checkering

The S4000-E offers unparalleled versatility and personalized shooting comfort with its Multi-Grip System. This innovative feature enables you to adapt your air rifle to your own style by choosing between an embossed grip and Stoeger’s revolutionary ProAdaptive Checkering. With the exclusive ProAdaptive Checkering located on various parts of the rifle, including the butt pad, stock, pistol grip, safety, forearm, and barrel grip, you can enjoy a secure and comfortable grip in any weather condition or shooting position.

Insider Insights: My Review Process and Top Picks Selection

When it comes to finding the best products, I understand that trust is paramount. That’s why I am thrilled to share with you the insider insights into my meticulous review process and how I carefully handpicked my top recommendations.

I believe in transparency and authenticity, which is why I’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our methods. Our dedicated team of experts has tirelessly researched, tested, and evaluated numerous options to bring you the most reliable and unbiased information.

I scrutinize every aspect, from performance and durability to user feedback and value for money. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions. So, join me on this journey as I unveil our top picks and reveal the secrets behind my rigorous review process. Your satisfaction and trust mean everything to me, and I am committed to delivering only the most trustworthy and valuable recommendations.

Finding the Best Air Rifle for Rabbits: Unveiling the Ultimate Choice

When it comes to hunting rabbits, selecting the right air rifle is crucial for a successful and humane outcome. The question of what type of air rifle is best for rabbits often arises, and I am here to shed light on the matter.

While various factors come into play, one key consideration is the caliber. The best caliber for hunting rabbits typically falls in the range of .177 to .22. The .177 caliber offers high velocity and accuracy, making it ideal for shorter distances and precision shots. On the other hand, the .22 caliber provides a bit more stopping power and is better suited for medium-range hunting.

Ultimately, the choice between the two boils down to personal preference, shooting conditions, and the level of accuracy desired. So, join me as I delve into the world of air rifles, explore their different types, and discover the best caliber that will maximize your hunting efficiency when it comes to these nimble and elusive creatures.

Understanding the Legality of Rabbit Hunting: Know Before You Go

Before embarking on a rabbit hunting adventure, it’s crucial to understand the legality surrounding this activity. While rabbit hunting is a popular pastime for many outdoor enthusiasts, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local regulations and laws governing hunting in your specific area.

Hunting laws can vary from region to region, so it’s important to research and abide by the guidelines set by wildlife agencies, conservation departments, or local hunting associations. These regulations often specify the hunting seasons, bag limits, permitted hunting methods, and required licenses or permits.

By being knowledgeable about the legal aspects of rabbit hunting, you can ensure that your hunting experience is not only enjoyable but also conducted in an ethical and responsible manner. So, before you head out into the fields with your air rifle, take the time to educate yourself on the specific laws governing rabbit hunting in your location, and always prioritize the preservation and sustainability of wildlife populations.

Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Air Rifle for Rabbit Hunting

When it comes to buying an air rifle for rabbit hunting, there are several important factors that you should consider. Taking the time to evaluate these aspects will ensure that you make an informed decision and choose the most suitable rifle for your needs. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind:

Accuracy and Range

A crucial aspect of any hunting rifle is its accuracy and effective range. Look for air rifles known for their precision and consistency, as this will greatly impact your success in targeting rabbits. Consider the rifle’s sighting system, such as scopes or sights, to enhance your aim and accuracy.

Caliber Selection

Selecting the right caliber for rabbit hunting is essential. The most common calibers for this purpose are .177 and .22. The .177 caliber offers higher velocity and accuracy for shorter distances, while the .22 caliber provides more stopping power for medium-range shots. Choose the caliber that suits your hunting preferences and the terrain you’ll be hunting in.

Power and Energy

Consider the power and energy output of the air rifle. Higher power generally means greater velocity, which can be advantageous when dealing with rabbits. However, keep in mind that higher-powered rifles may produce more noise and recoil, which can affect your shooting experience.

Noise Level

Since rabbits are known for their skittish nature, it’s important to consider the noise level of the air rifle. Opt for models equipped with noise dampening features or those specifically designed for quiet shooting. This will increase your chances of not spooking rabbits and improve your hunting success.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Pay attention to the ergonomics and comfort of the air rifle. Consider factors such as weight, balance, stock design, and grip. A rifle that feels comfortable in your hands will provide better control and reduce fatigue during extended hunting sessions.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority. Look for air rifles with proper safety mechanisms, such as automatic safeties or trigger locks. These features help prevent accidental discharges and ensure a safe hunting experience.

Price and Value

Set a budget for your air rifle purchase and consider the overall value it offers. While it’s important to find a rifle within your budget, also weigh the quality, features, and performance it provides. Strive for a balance between affordability and durability to make a worthwhile investment.


Finding the perfect air rifle for rabbit hunting requires careful consideration of various factors. By evaluating factors such as accuracy, caliber selection, power, noise level, ergonomics, safety features, and overall value, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your hunting goals and preferences. Remember, rabbit hunting should always be conducted responsibly and in accordance with local hunting regulations.

Armed with the right air rifle and a deep understanding of the nuances involved, you can embark on thrilling rabbit hunting adventures while enjoying the precision, power, and satisfaction that comes with a well-chosen air rifle. So, take your time, explore the options, and select the air rifle that will accompany you on memorable hunting experiences for years to come. Happy hunting!


Are air rifles good for rabbits?

Yes, air rifles can be highly effective for hunting rabbits. With the right caliber and proper shot placement, air rifles can provide the necessary power and accuracy to take down rabbits swiftly and humanely.

What caliber air rifle is best for hunting rabbits?

The most commonly recommended calibers for hunting rabbits are .177 and .22. Both calibers have their advantages. .177 offers high velocity and accuracy, making it suitable for shorter distances and precise shots. On the other hand, the .22 caliber provides more stopping power, making it a good choice for medium-range hunting.

Is .177 or .22 better for rabbits?

The choice between .177 and .22 caliber for rabbit hunting depends on personal preference and the specific hunting conditions. If you prioritize velocity and accuracy for shorter distances, .177 caliber is a solid option. However, if you prefer more stopping power and are dealing with medium-range shots, the .22 caliber may be the better choice.

What is the range of an air rifle for hunting rabbits?

The effective range of an air rifle for hunting rabbits can vary based on several factors, including the rifle’s power, caliber, pellet type, and shooter’s skill level. Generally, air rifles have an effective range of up to 50 yards or more for hunting rabbits, but it’s important to practice and become proficient at different distances to ensure ethical and accurate shots.

Are air rifles safe for hunting rabbits in residential areas?

When it comes to using air rifles for rabbit hunting in residential areas, safety should always be a top priority. Air rifles can be a safer option compared to firearms due to their lower muzzle energy and limited range. However, it’s essential to exercise caution and adhere to local laws and regulations. Consider the proximity of neighboring properties and ensure that you have a clear and safe shooting environment. Additionally, be mindful of potential noise disturbances and take measures to minimize any potential risks.

Additional Questions

What is the best air gun for shooting rabbits?

If you’re asking for the top air gun for rabbit hunting, many experienced shooters will point you to the **Weihrauch HW77K**. Not only does this rifle have the necessary power, but its accuracy is also commendable, making it a perfect choice for precise shooting. Hunting rabbits requires not just any air gun but one that combines both power and precision. Over many years of practice and experience, I’ve found the Weihrauch HW77K to be consistently reliable and efficient. It has remained a favorite among hunters and I can attest to its unparalleled performance in the field.

What are the best rifle pellets for rabbits?

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What is the strongest pellet gun out there?

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What air rifle pellets are the most accurate?

In my years of experimenting with different types of air rifle pellets, I’ve found **H&N Field Target Trophy** in .177 caliber to be outstanding when it comes to accuracy. These pellets are designed with extreme precision and have a domed head that drastically reduces drag while in flight, enabling them to maintain an accurate trajectory even over long distances. You can rely on them for not just accuracy, but also consistency in your shooting experience. Whether it’s just practice or a hunting expedition, H&N Field Target Trophy always delivers efficient performance.

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