I Tested And Ranked The Best PCP Hand Pumps in 2023

If you’re a passionate PCP rifle enthusiast, you know the importance of having a reliable and efficient hand pump to keep your air tanks and guns topped up for endless fun on the field. To help you make an informed decision, I’ve tested and handpicked the top 6 best PCP hand pumps available on the market. These pumps boast innovative designs, durable materials, and thoughtful features that will benefit you as a customer in various ways. Let’s dive into the detailed reviews and explore how each pump can enhance your PCP shooting experience.

Best PCP Hand Pumps For PCP Air Rifle Pellet Guns

  • BestEquip Airgun PCP Hand Pump Review with Picture
  • FOUR UNCLES High Pressure PCP Air Pump Review with Picture
  • GX H-4 PCP Hand Pump with Oil-Moisture Filter Review with pictures (Tested)
  • GX M6 3 Stage High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Picture (Reviewed)
  • MULMART High Pressure 4 Stage PCP Hand Pump Review With Picture (Tested)
  • TUXING 4500Psi High Pressure 3 Stage Hand Pump Picture Tested

1. MULMART High Pressure 4 Stage PCP Hand Pump

MULMART High Pressure 4 Stage PCP Hand Pump Review

The MULMART High Pressure 4 Stage PCP Hand Pump is a true game-changer in the world of airgun pumps. Constructed with a combination of stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy, this pump offers exceptional hardness and lightness, resulting in reduced friction during use. The 4-stage design provides a significant advantage over traditional 3-stage pumps, as it requires at least 25% less force, making your pumping experience more comfortable and efficient.

The pump features an easy-to-read pressure gauge with a measure range of 0-6000Psi and a working pressure of 0-4500Psi, ensuring accurate pressure monitoring and explosion-proof protection for added safety. Moreover, it comes equipped with a built-in double-deck oil and water separation tool, ensuring pure and breathable air with 90% water and oil separation efficiency.

Benefit to Customers

  • Reduced effort with the 4-stage design for more comfortable pumping
  • Lightweight and durable materials for long-lasting performance
  • Accurate pressure monitoring for safe and efficient filling
  • Excellent water and oil separation for clean and breathable air

2. GX M6 3 Stage High Pressure PCP Hand Pump

GX M6 3 Stage High Pressure PCP Hand Pump Review

The GX M6 3 Stage High Pressure PCP Hand Pump is engineered to save you energy with every stroke. Its new design allows for more labor-saving pumping, making it easier to fill your air tanks. The stainless steel pump body and rubber handle provide durability, while the wide and strong base plate ensures stability during use.

It can withstand over 15000 times of tear and wear, making it a reliable companion for your PCP shooting adventures. One standout feature is the external oil-moisture filter, which effectively filters over 90% of moisture, guaranteeing clean and dry air for your scuba diving tanks. The pump comes with a range of specifications, including a max pressure of 310 bar or 4500 psi and a portable size for easy transport.

Benefit to Customers

  • Energy-saving design for effortless pumping
  • Durable and stable construction for long-term use
  • Efficient oil-moisture filter for moisture-free air
  • Portable size for easy carrying during outdoor activities

3. GX H-4 PCP Hand Pump with Oil-Moisture Filter

GX H 4 PCP Hand Pump with Oil Moisture Filter Review

The GX H-4 PCP Hand Pump offers an exclusive 3.5 stage design, providing maximum air compression with each smooth stroke. This design not only requires fewer strokes but also saves you power compared to traditional hand pumps. The stainless steel body and rubber handle ensure durability, while the wide and strong base plate adds stability during operation.

Similar to the GX M6 pump, this one also features an oil-moisture filter that effectively filters over 90% of moisture, making it suitable for inflating scuba diving tanks. It comes with the same specifications, including a max pressure of 310 bar or 4500 psi and a portable size for easy storage and transportation.

Benefit to Customers

  • Exclusive 3.5 stage design for efficient and powerful pumping
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Reliable oil-moisture filter for moisture-free scuba tank filling
  • Portable and compact for easy transportation

4. FOUR UNCLES High Pressure PCP Air Pump

FOUR UNCLES High Pressure PCP Air Pump Review

The FOUR UNCLES High Pressure PCP Air Pump boasts a sleek stainless steel construction and a smooth upward and downward motion, making each pumping stroke efficient and comfortable. The 8mm copper female quick connector can withstand over 10,000 times of tear and wear, ensuring the pump’s extended lifespan.

This pump provides high pressure air up to 4500 psi (40MPA) and comes with a flexible micro-bore hose that can bear up to 80MPA, guaranteeing superior quality and safety during use. It’s designed for a wide range of applications, from paintball tanks to car tires, motor tires, bicycles, kayaks, and soccer balls.

Benefit to Customers

  • Efficient and comfortable pumping with sleek stainless steel construction
  • High-pressure capability for various applications
  • Flexible micro-bore hose for safe and reliable performance
  • Versatile pump suitable for multiple inflatable items

5. TUXING 4500Psi High Pressure 3 Stage Hand Pump

TUXING 4500Psi High Pressure 3 Stage Hand Pump Review

The TUXING 4500Psi High Pressure 3 Stage Hand Pump features a sturdy and durable stainless steel construction, ensuring excellent fading-free and rust-proof performance. The labor-saving design of this pump reduces effort by 30% compared to traditional pumps, making it easier for you to keep your air tanks filled.

The pump’s built-in oil-water separator enhances ease of operation, while the folding design adds convenience for storage and transportation. The ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable and labor-saving grip, making extended pumping sessions more manageable.

Benefit to Customers

  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel construction for reliability
  • Labor-saving design for effortless pumping
  • Built-in oil-water separator for easy operation
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable and efficient pumping

6. BestEquip Airgun PCP Hand Pump

BestEquip Airgun PCP Hand Pump Review

The BestEquip Airgun PCP Hand Pump is a 3-stage pump capable of delivering up to 4500 psi, providing endless power for your airguns on any terrain. The one-piece stainless-steel barrel ensures rust-proof performance and durability. The thickened outer layer adds stability and reliability to the pump, while the comfortable handle ensures a non-slip grip.

This pump comes with an easy-to-read parameter gauge to monitor precise air pressure during inflation, preventing accidental tire blowouts and ensuring a safe working environment. The wide and foldable pedals provide exceptional stability, and the compact size allows for space-saving storage and easy transport.

Benefit to Customers

  • Powerful 3-stage design for endless airgun refilling
  • Durable stainless steel construction for rust-proof performance
  • Accurate parameter gauge for safe and efficient inflation
  • Foldable design and portable size for convenient transportation

Why to Trust My Reviews: Expertly Tested Top 6 PCP Hand Pumps

As avid PCP rifle enthusiast and experienced professional in the field, I understand the importance of reliable equipment. Each hand pump on my list has been meticulously tested and evaluated under various conditions to ensure efficiency. My reviews are based on real-world experiences and hands-on testing, allowing me to provide genuine insights into the performance, durability, and usability of these PCP hand pumps. I take pride in my commitment to honesty and transparency, guiding you towards the best choices for your shooting needs. You can trust my reviews to make informed decisions and experience the difference that top-quality PCP hand pumps can bring to your shooting adventures.

Discover the top 6 best PCP hand pumps, rigorously tested and approved for optimal performance. Read my detailed reviews and find the perfect pump for effortless airgun refilling and an enhanced shooting experience.

Tips for Using Air Rifle PCP Hand Pumps

Proper Maintenance and Care

To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your PCP hand pump, regular maintenance and proper care are essential. Clean the pump regularly, especially the air filter and moisture traps, to prevent debris and moisture from affecting its efficiency. Lubricate moving parts with the recommended lubricant to reduce friction and ensure smooth operation. Store the pump in a dry and cool place to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and humidity, which can damage internal components.

Correct Pumping Technique

Using the right pumping technique is crucial to avoid unnecessary strain and maximize efficiency. Begin by placing the pump on a stable surface with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Apply consistent and even pressure while pumping to prevent fluctuations in air pressure. Utilize the full length of the pumping stroke, both upwards and downwards, to make the most of each movement. Avoid rapid pumping, as it can lead to overheating and decrease the pump’s lifespan. Aim for a steady and controlled pumping pace to achieve the desired air pressure safely and effectively.

Monitor Pressure Gauge and Safety Precautions

Keep a close eye on the pressure gauge during pumping to avoid over-pressurizing your airgun or tanks. Over-pressurization can cause damage to your equipment and potentially lead to dangerous accidents. Familiarize yourself with the safe pressure limits of your airgun and air tanks, and never exceed those limits. Always use the appropriate connectors and adapters to ensure a secure and leak-free connection between the pump and your airgun or tank. Regularly inspect all fittings and seals to identify any potential leaks and address them promptly.

Allow for Cool Down Periods

During prolonged pumping sessions or when filling high-pressure air tanks, it’s crucial to allow the pump to cool down periodically. Extended use can lead to heat buildup in the pump, affecting its performance and potentially damaging internal components. To prevent overheating, take short breaks between pumping sessions, giving the pump enough time to dissipate heat. It’s advisable to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended cool-down periods based on the specific pump model.

Choose the Right Pump for Your Needs

Selecting the right PCP hand pump for your specific needs is essential for a positive and efficient pumping experience. Consider factors such as the maximum pressure rating, stages of compression, and overall build quality when choosing a pump. If you frequently fill high-pressure air tanks, a 4-stage pump might be more suitable for its greater efficiency. For occasional airgun refills, a 3-stage pump could be sufficient. Additionally, consider the pump’s portability and size, as this can impact its ease of use and transportation.


In conclusion, choosing the right PCP hand pump can significantly enhance your airgun shooting experience. Each of the pumps mentioned above offers unique features and benefits, catering to different customer needs. Whether you’re looking for effortless pumping, efficient moisture filtration, or portability, there’s a PCP hand pump that suits your requirements perfectly. Make sure to consider your shooting style, frequency, and the types of tanks you’ll be filling to pick the best PCP hand pump for your needs. With any of these top 6 best PCP hand pumps, you can enjoy endless hours of shooting fun with your PCP rifles and air guns.


What is the best hand pump for air rifles?

The MULMART High Pressure 4 Stage PCP Hand Pump stands out as our top recommendation for air rifles. With its high-quality materials, innovative 4-stage design, and ease of use, this pump offers superior efficiency and reduced effort during refilling. The stainless steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy construction ensures durability, while the easy-to-read pressure gauge and water-oil separation function provide safety and accuracy.

Can you fill a PCP tank with a hand pump?

Yes, you can fill a PCP tank with a hand pump. PCP hand pumps are specifically designed to fill the air reservoirs of PCP airguns and tanks. Although it requires manual effort to pump air into the tank, it is a cost-effective and portable option for refilling your PCP equipment without the need for external power sources or air compressors. While it may take more time and effort compared to other methods, PCP hand pumps provide a reliable and accessible solution for airgun enthusiasts.

How long does it take to fill PCP with a hand pump?

The time required to fill a PCP airgun or tank with a hand pump depends on several factors, including the pump’s design, the airgun’s reservoir size, and the desired pressure level. On average, filling a typical airgun from 2000 to 3000 psi can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of continuous pumping. Larger tanks with higher pressure requirements may take longer.

Are PCP hand pumps suitable for all PCP airguns and tanks?

Yes, PCP hand pumps are generally compatible with most PCP airguns and tanks. However, it’s essential to check the pump’s specifications and the airgun’s reservoir requirements to ensure a proper fit. Some PCP hand pumps come with various connectors and adapters, making them versatile and suitable for different airgun models. Before purchasing a hand pump, verify that it matches the thread and connector types of your PCP airgun or tank to avoid any compatibility issues.

Can I use a PCP hand pump for other inflatable items?

While PCP hand pumps are designed primarily for PCP airguns and tanks, they can also be used for other inflatable items with compatible connectors and pressure requirements. Many of the pumps mentioned in the blog post come with a variety of connectors, making them suitable for inflating footballs, inflatable boats, car tires, bicycle tires, and other inflatable sports equipment. Always refer to the pump’s user manual and ensure that you are within the safe pressure limits for the specific item you are inflating.

What safety precautions should I follow when using a PCP hand pump?

When using a PCP hand pump, it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety guidelines provided with the pump. Avoid exceeding the recommended pressure limits of your airgun or tank to prevent accidents or damage to equipment. Regularly inspect all fittings and seals for any signs of wear or leakage. If you notice any issues, address them promptly before using the pump again. Additionally, take regular breaks during extended pumping sessions to prevent overheating of the pump and ensure a safer and more efficient filling process.

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