What is the Best Air Rifle To Shoot Mice And Rats in 2023?

Welcome to my ultimate guide, where I’ll take you on a journey through the world of air rifles specifically designed to tackle the pesky problem of mice and rats invading your space.

I understand the frustrations that come with these unwanted guests, from the property damage they cause to the health risks they pose. But fear not, as I’ve handpicked the top six best air rifles that offer an effective and humane solution to this common issue.

Discover my top recommendations for powerful and accurate air rifles ideal for pest control. Find the perfect choice to effectively eliminate rodents with precision and ease.

I Tested And Ranked the Best Air Rifles for Mice and Rats (Top 6 Picks)

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  • Stoeger XM1 Airgun Review
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  • Umarex Ruger Air Hawk Review
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Get ready to discover my handpicked selection of the best air rifles specifically designed to tackle the persistent issue of mice and rats. I understand the importance of choosing the right tool for the job, and that’s why I have meticulously reviewed and tested a range of air rifles to bring you the top contenders.

1. Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2: Best Air Rifle To Shoot Mice And Rats

My Top Pick

The Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 is a top-of-the-line air rifle that excels in shooting mice and rats with precision. With a velocity of up to 1,300 FPS using alloy .177 caliber pellets, it delivers impressive power for quick and efficient elimination. One of its standout features is the 10X GEN 2 rapid reload technology, which integrates a horizontal magazine, making it lighter, more compact, and low profile.

This allows for lightning-quick follow-up shots, ensuring that you can swiftly handle multiple targets. Equipped with Whisper Maxxim noise dampening technology, the Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 operates quietly, minimizing disturbance and keeping your pest control efforts discreet. The IGT gas piston enhances accuracy and consistency, while the CAT (Custom Action Trigger) offers a two-stage adjustable trigger for a customized shooting experience. The package includes a Gamo 3-9×40 scope with Recoil Reducing Rail (RRR), providing clear and precise optics for better target acquisition.

Additionally, the Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 comes with a 3-year warranty, offering peace of mind and demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in its quality. Crafted in Barcelona, Spain, this air rifle showcases exceptional craftsmanship and reliability. With its impressive features and included components such as the pellet rifle, scope, and magazine, the Gamo Swarm Maxxim G2 is a remarkable choice for anyone seeking the best air rifle to effectively shoot mice and rats.

2. Stoeger XM1 Airgun 

The Stoeger XM1 Air Gun is a powerful and versatile option for those seeking an exceptional shooting experience when targeting mice and rats. Driven by PCP action of up to 2900 PSI with an integrated regulator, the XM1 delivers impressive power and consistency. Its ergonomic bolt lever with exclusive THRIDION ensures maximum grip, while the automatic ambidextrous safety and two-stage adjustable trigger enhance safety and shooting precision. When it comes to accuracy, the Stoeger XM1 offers a choice between .22 and .177 caliber rifles.

Both options provide alloy pellet muzzle velocities of up to 1,200 fps, allowing for precise and effective shots. The fiber-optic front sight with interchangeable red and orange inserts, along with the fully adjustable fiber-optic rear sight, further enhance aiming capabilities. Comfort is prioritized with the Stoeger XM1, as it comes with two recoil-pad spacers, two interchangeable cheekpieces, and two interchangeable pistol grips. This allows you to personalize the air rifle to your preferred style and shooting comfort, ensuring an ergonomic and enjoyable shooting experience.

The innovative design of the Stoeger XM1 includes both a 7-shot rotary magazine and a single-pellet loader, providing the versatility to switch between bolt-action repeating and single-shot shooting modes. For added peace of mind, the Stoeger XM1 Air Gun comes with a 5-year limited warranty, protecting against any defect in materials or workmanship in the metal parts of the product. With its powerful performance, accuracy, comfort features, and innovative design, the Stoeger XM1 Air Gun is a fantastic choice for those in search of the best air rifle to effectively eliminate mice and rats.

3. Umarex Ruger Air Hawk Rifle

The Umarex Ruger Air Hawk Rifle combines reliability and versatility, making it a standout choice for air gun enthusiasts seeking an exceptional shooting experience. Crafted with a spring-powered break barrel action, this rifle delivers consistent power and performance. What sets it apart is the sleek and ambidextrous hardwood stock, designed to cater to both right- and left-handed shooters, ensuring comfort and ease of use for everyone. Launching .177 caliber pellets at speeds of up to 1200 fps, the Ruger Air Hawk Rifle boasts impressive accuracy and precision.

Its fiber optic sights enhance target acquisition, while the comfortable grip and rubber recoil pad provide a secure and enjoyable shooting experience. In addition to its outstanding features, the Ruger Air Hawk Rifle comes equipped with a 4x32mm air rifle scope and scope mounting rings, offering the ability to take precise long-range shots with ease. The spring piston break-barrel design and single-shot cocking mechanism provide smooth and reliable operation.

Fine-tuning your aim is a breeze with the adjustable fiber optic rear sight and fixed fiber optic front sight, allowing you to customize your shooting experience. Safety is of paramount importance, and this rifle includes an automatic safety mechanism, promoting responsible handling and preventing accidents. With its unique blend of reliability, versatility, and included 4×32 airgun scope, the Umarex Ruger Air Hawk Rifle is an excellent choice for those seeking to effectively eliminate mice and rats. This air gun delivers the performance and accuracy needed to master the art of pest control.

4. Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle

The Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle is a powerhouse when it comes to air guns, offering exceptional features that elevate your shooting experience. Equipped with a .177 caliber pellet single cocking break barrel, it reaches velocities of up to 1300 fps with PBA Platinum pellets, ensuring impressive speed and accuracy. What sets the Gamo Wildcat Whisper apart is the innovative IGT (Inert Gas Technology), which replaces the traditional spring with a gas piston. This results in increased terminal velocity, reduced vibration, improved power consistency, and a smoother cocking effort. Say goodbye to the jarring recoil and hello to a more controlled and enjoyable shooting experience.

The WHISPER noise reduction technology, patented by Gamo, adds to the appeal of this air rifle. It minimizes noise, ensuring a quiet and discreet shooting session. No need to worry about disturbing your surroundings or alerting your targets. Included with the Gamo Wildcat Whisper is a 4×32 shockproof scope, providing clear and accurate optics for enhanced target acquisition. The Gamo trigger features an adjustable second stage, allowing you to customize the trigger pull to suit your preferences. Built for convenience and durability, this air rifle boasts a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock, making it suitable for use in various conditions.

The rubber recoil pad adds comfort and helps mitigate recoil effects. Additionally, the lightweight design of the rifle ensures easy handling and maneuverability. With a 1-year warranty and proudly made in Spain, the Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle offers peace of mind and a guarantee of quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a powerful, accurate, and feature-packed air rifle to shoot mice and rats, the Gamo Wildcat Whisper is an excellent choice that will exceed your expectations.

5. Umarex Fusion 2 Quiet Pellet Gun

The Umarex Fusion 2 Quiet Pellet Gun is an outstanding choice for those seeking a quiet and accurate air rifle to effectively target mice and rats. With Umarex’s newly designed SilencAir muzzle device, your shooting experience will be virtually silent, allowing you to maintain stealth while taking precise shots. The Fusion 2’s exceptional accuracy ensures that you’ll hit the mark with each shot. Whether you’re drilling out the center of your target or aiming at pests, this pellet gun delivers reliable and consistent performance.

Equipped for versatility, the Fusion 2 can be powered by two 12-gram CO2 capsules or by using 88-gram CO2 tanks. This flexibility allows you to shoot for extended periods without the need for frequent CO2 changes. Simply pack a few tins of ammo, and you’ll be ready for a whole day of shooting. Loading the 9-shot magazines is a breeze, as they are designed to be some of the easiest loading ammo magazines available. Load them up with your preferred pellets and effortlessly fling some lead at your targets.

When it comes to CO2 efficiency, the Umarex Fusion 2 doesn’t disappoint. With each pair of 12-gram CO2 cartridges, shooters can expect to get over 70 shots, while a single 88-gram cylinder can provide upwards of 250 shots. This allows for extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent cartridge changes. For a quiet, accurate, and efficient air rifle, the Umarex Fusion 2 Pellet Gun is a top choice. Its innovative features and reliable performance make it an ideal companion for those seeking to eliminate mice and rats with precision and effectiveness.

6. Hatsan AirTact ED Combo Air Gun

The Hatsan AirTact ED Combo Air Gun is the final entry on our list, offering a range of impressive features for those seeking an efficient air rifle to tackle mice and rats. With a .177 caliber and a break barrel, spring piston design, this air gun delivers reliable power and performance. One standout feature of the AirTact ED Combo is its QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with an integrated sound moderator. This ensures a quieter shooting experience, minimizing noise and reducing the risk of alarming nearby targets or disturbing your surroundings.

The adjustable trigger pull and trigger travel allow you to customize the rifle’s trigger to suit your preferences, promoting improved accuracy and comfort during your shooting sessions. Additionally, the micro-adjustable rear fiber optic sight and fixed red front fiber optic sight provide enhanced target acquisition and aiming precision. Included with the AirTact ED Combo is a 4×32 Optima scope and mounts, allowing for easy and accurate long-range shots. The rifle accepts both 11mm dovetail and Weaver mounts, providing versatility and options for scope attachment.

When it comes to velocity and energy, the AirTact ED Combo offers impressive performance. It can reach velocities of up to 1300 FPS with lead-free pellets and 1100 FPS with lead pellets. The maximum muzzle energy is 20 FPE (foot-pounds of energy), ensuring sufficient power to effectively eliminate mice and rats. It’s important to note that velocity and energy results may vary depending on factors such as pellet weight, shape, material, temperature, elevation, and other environmental conditions. With its range of features and reliable performance, the Hatsan AirTact ED Combo Air Gun provides an excellent option for those looking to handle pest control with precision and effectiveness.

Key Considerations for Selecting an Air Rifle for Mouse and Rat Control

When it comes to selecting an air rifle for mouse and rat control, several key considerations should guide your decision-making process. By keeping these factors in mind, you can ensure that you choose an air rifle that is effective, reliable, and well-suited to your specific needs. Here are the essential points to consider:

Power and Caliber

Opt for an air rifle with sufficient power and an appropriate caliber to effectively eliminate mice and rats. A higher power level ensures the required velocity to deliver accurate shots, while caliber choice depends on the size of the pests and the desired impact. .177 and .22 calibers are commonly recommended for pest control, as they offer sufficient power and precision.

Accuracy and Range

Look for an air rifle that offers excellent accuracy and a suitable range for your environment. Mice and rats can be elusive targets, so a rifle with precise aiming capabilities and a decent shooting range will enhance your chances of successful elimination.

Safety Features

Prioritize air rifles with essential safety features, such as automatic safeties, to prevent accidental discharges. This is crucial, especially if you have children or pets around.

Noise Level

Consider the noise level produced by the air rifle. Since mice and rats are sensitive to sound, a quieter rifle will prevent them from being alerted to your presence, increasing your chances of a successful shot.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Choose an air rifle that is user-friendly, ergonomic, and easy to maintain. This ensures a comfortable shooting experience and hassle-free upkeep of your weapon.

Tips and Techniques for Effective Mouse and Rat Elimination with an Air Rifle

Successfully eliminating mice and rats with an air rifle requires more than just a reliable firearm. It involves employing the right techniques and strategies to ensure optimal results. Here, I share some valuable tips to enhance your effectiveness in controlling these persistent pests.

Proper Positioning

Positioning yourself correctly is crucial for a successful shot. Locate areas where mice and rats frequent, such as nesting spots or feeding areas. Take a comfortable stance and maintain a steady posture to improve your accuracy.

Aim for Vital Areas

To ensure a humane kill, aim for vital areas such as the head or chest. These targets provide the highest chances of a quick and ethical dispatch. Remember to consider the size of your target and adjust your aim accordingly.

Practice Patience

Patience is key when dealing with mice and rats. Wait for the opportune moment to take your shot, ensuring a clear line of sight and minimizing the chances of collateral damage. Avoid rushed shots, as they can lead to missed targets and increased scattering of the pests.

Set Up Effective Traps

Combine your air rifle usage with strategically placed traps to maximize your efforts. Set up snap traps or live-capture traps in areas where mice and rats are active. This multi-pronged approach increases the likelihood of eliminating the pests.

Maintain Stealth

Silence and stealth are paramount when engaging in pest control. Keep noise to a minimum and avoid sudden movements that may startle the rodents. A quiet approach ensures that other mice or rats in the vicinity are not alerted, increasing your chances of eliminating multiple pests.

Utilize Night Vision Technology

Take advantage of night vision technology to gain a significant advantage when targeting mice and rats during low-light conditions. Equip your air rifle with a compatible night vision scope or use standalone night vision binoculars to spot these nocturnal pests with enhanced visibility.

Regular Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your air rifle is essential for consistent performance. Regularly clean and lubricate the rifle as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This ensures optimal accuracy and reliability when targeting mice and rats.

Closing Thoughts: Mastering the Art of Mouse and Rat Elimination

Congratulations on reaching the end of my comprehensive guide on effectively eliminating mice and rats using the best air rifles available. Armed with the knowledge and insights provided throughout this journey, you are now equipped to master the art of pest control and regain control of your space. By selecting the right air rifle, considering factors such as caliber, power, and noise level, you have taken the first step towards successful eradication.

Remember, proper positioning, patience, and aiming for vital areas are essential techniques when confronting these resilient pests. Combine your air rifle usage with well-placed traps, utilizing bait to lure them out during their nocturnal foraging. Enhance your effectiveness by incorporating night vision technology, enabling you to spot and shoot with improved accuracy under low-light conditions.

By implementing these strategies, you can confidently tackle mouse and rat infestations, safeguarding your property and ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment. Stay proactive by conducting regular maintenance on your air rifle to uphold its performance and reliability. With diligence and persistence, you can achieve the desired outcome—freedom from the nuisance and potential dangers posed by mice and rats.

Thank you for joining me on this informative journey, and I hope this guide has empowered you to become a proficient pest controller. Remember, mastering the art of mouse and rat elimination requires practice, adaptability, and a commitment to humane and responsible methods. Now, armed with the best air rifle for shooting mice and rats, go forth and reclaim your space with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Air Rifle To Shoot Mice And Rats

Is a .177 or .22 air rifle better for rats?

Both .177 and .22 caliber air rifles can effectively kill rats, but there are slight differences to consider. A .177 air rifle typically has higher velocities and flatter trajectories, making it ideal for shorter distances and precise shots. On the other hand, a .22 air rifle delivers more stopping power and is better suited for longer distances and situations where more energy is required to take down larger rats. Ultimately, the choice between .177 and .22 caliber depends on your shooting preferences and the specific conditions of your rat control scenario.

Can a pellet rifle kill a rat?

Yes, a pellet rifle can kill a rat. Pellet rifles, especially those with sufficient power and accuracy, can deliver lethal shots to rats. It is crucial to use an appropriate caliber and aim for vital areas to ensure a humane and effective kill. Always prioritize safety, proper shot placement, and adhere to local laws and regulations regarding pest control when using a pellet rifle for rat elimination.

What type of pellet is best for killing rats?

When it comes to selecting the best pellet for killing rats, it is generally recommended to choose hollow point pellets. Hollow points are designed to expand upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and increasing the chances of a quick and humane kill. These pellets are effective in delivering the necessary energy to take down rats efficiently. However, it’s essential to test various pellet brands and weights to determine which ones perform optimally with your specific air rifle.

Are there any alternative methods to control mice and rats without using an air rifle?

Absolutely. While air rifles can be effective tools for pest control, there are alternative methods to consider. Traps, both snap traps and live-capture traps, are widely used and offer a humane approach to capture and remove mice and rats from your property. Additionally, sealing any entry points or gaps in your home or building can help prevent rodents from entering in the first place. Maintaining cleanliness and proper sanitation, eliminating food sources, and reducing clutter can also deter mice and rats from infesting your space.

What is the best bait for rat hunting?

Peanut butter is widely regarded as the best bait for rat hunting. Its strong scent and sticky consistency make it highly attractive to rats. Other effective baits include cheese, bacon, and various nuts and seeds. Experimenting with different baits can help determine the preferences of the rats in your specific area.

Additional Questions

Which air gun tops the list for eliminating rats effectively?

This is where the **Benjamin Trail NP MK2** takes the lead. When it comes to rats, you need an air pistol that packs a punch. You want something that ensures a humane kill but doesn’t leave room for error. Not only does the Benjamin Trail NP MK2 amp up the power for swift elimination, but it also promises precision and accuracy. Speaking from my firsthand experience here, this model truly lives up to its promise of precision, making it an excellent choice for dealing with rat intruders.

Which caliber airgun should I opt for pest control?

When handling pests, the caliber of the airgun really depends on the size of the pest you’re dealing with. A **.177 caliber break barrel** is my go-to for smaller pests like squirrels and rabbits. However, for larger pests such as possums or raccoons, a .22 caliber break barrel is more suitable due to its greater power and larger ammo size. Remember, the key is to choose the right tool for the job.

Which caliber of airgun should I use to target rats?

When dealing with rats, a **.177 caliber** is more than sufficient. It provides ample power to eliminate the pest, while keeping potential damage to surroundings to a minimum. This particularly comes in handy when shooting indoors. If, however, you wish to notch up the power, I recommend adjusting the Avenger or even using slugs.

Which is better for rat control, .177 or .22?

Though both calibers have their advantages, the **.22** caliber tends to be more effective against rat-sized pests. The larger size ammo ensures a quicker, more efficient kill, especially if your aim is slightly off. From my experience, a .22 caliber often results in immediate kills, even when the aim is not perfect, proving its superiority in dealing with rat infestations.

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