I Reviewed The Best Air Rifle For Hunting Wild Turkey [2023]

Are you an avid hunter searching for the perfect air rifle to enhance your wild turkey hunting experience? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I will explore the 6 top-rated air guns specifically designed for hunting wild turkeys. Hunting wild turkeys requires precision, power, and accuracy, and selecting the right air rifle can make all the difference in your success rate. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to explore the world of turkey hunting, I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

I Tested And Ranked The Top 6 Best Air Rifle For Hunting Turkey

  • Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X GEN3i Air Rifle Picture
  • Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle Picture
  • Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Picture
  • Stoeger XM1 Airgun Picture
  • Benjamin 392S Air Rifle With Box Picture
  • Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Sniper Combo Spring Piston Picture

Check out my handpicked selection of the top 6 air rifles specifically designed for hunting these elusive birds. From exceptional accuracy to powerful shots, these air rifles will give you the edge you need for a successful turkey hunting adventure.

1. Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X GEN3i Air Rifle

My Top Pick

Introducing the Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X GEN3i Air Rifle, the ultimate companion for hunting wild turkey. This high-powered air rifle delivers impressive velocity, reaching up to 1,100 FPS with alloy .22 Cal. pellets, ensuring accurate and lethal shots. Equipped with the innovative 10X GEN3i technology, this rifle features a revolutionary horizontal inertia fed magazine integration, allowing for lightning-quick follow-up shots with its 10-shot pellet capacity.

Its Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression system ensures a quieter performance, while the Gas Piston Power provides enhanced power and a smoother shooting experience. With its precision trigger and recoil absorption capabilities, this air rifle offers unparalleled accuracy and comfort. Backed by a 3-year warranty and crafted in Barcelona, Spain, the Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X GEN3i Air Rifle is the ultimate choice for serious hunters in pursuit of wild turkey.

10X GEN3i Inertia Fed Magazine

One of the standout features of this air rifle is its 10X GEN3i technology, which incorporates a horizontal inertia fed magazine. This magazine integration allows for quick and seamless reloading, enabling hunters to fire lightning-quick follow-up shots. With a 10-shot pellet capacity, users can stay focused on their target without the need for frequent reloading, ensuring a higher chance of success in hunting scenarios.

Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression

Another notable feature of the Gamo Swarm Bone Collector 10X GEN3i Air Rifle is its Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression system. This innovative design includes two noise dampening chambers and an improved muzzle break, resulting in a quieter shooting experience. Reduced noise is essential for hunting, as it helps to avoid alarming the prey and allows hunters to maintain a stealthy approach. With the Whisper Maxxim system, hunters can enjoy the benefits of a high-powered air rifle while minimizing noise disturbances.

IGT Mach1 Gas Piston Power

The air rifle’s IGT Mach1 Gas Piston Power system is a game-changer in terms of performance and durability. By replacing the traditional spring power plant with an Inert Gas Cylinder, the IGT Mach1 delivers enhanced power, smoother operation, and increased longevity. This gas piston technology provides consistent power, minimizing recoil and improving accuracy. Additionally, the IGT Mach1’s 33-millimeter cylinder ensures a robust power output, making it suitable for taking down wild turkey with precision and efficiency.


  • Impressive velocity and accuracy
  • Innovative 10-shot pellet capacity
  • Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression system


  • Requires frequent reloading for extended shooting sessions

2. Umarex Origin PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle

Among the top air rifles for shooting wild turkey, the Umarex Origin PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle stands out as a formidable choice. This air rifle offers a unique feature that sets it apart from others in its class. With its Ever Pressure Tank System, the Origin PCP cuts pumping efforts in half, allowing shooters to spend more time shooting and less time pumping. Filling the air cylinder requires only about 100 pumps from a hand pump, significantly fewer than comparable PCP rifles.

The side-mounted cocking lever ensures smooth operation, while the included two 10-shot auto-indexing rotary magazines provide seamless reloading. With the ability to shoot .22 caliber pellets at up to 1000 fps and .25 caliber pellets at up to 950 fps, the Umarex Origin PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle delivers power and precision necessary for successful wild turkey hunting. Additionally, its versatile combination optic rail accommodates both 11mm and Picatinny rings, allowing shooters to easily mount their preferred optic for enhanced accuracy.

Ever Pressure Tank System

The Ever Pressure Tank System is a game-changer for this air rifle. It reduces the pumping effort required to fill the air cylinder by half compared to similar PCP rifles. With approximately 100 pumps from a hand pump, shooters can fully fill the tank, allowing them to spend more time shooting and less time on tedious pumping. This feature enhances convenience and efficiency, ensuring a seamless shooting experience in the field.

Smooth Operation and Auto-Indexing Magazines

The side-mounted cocking lever on the Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle ensures smooth and reliable operation. This design allows for quick and effortless cocking, enabling shooters to maintain focus on their targets. Additionally, the rifle comes with two 10-shot auto-indexing rotary magazines that share the same design as the popular Umarex Gauntlet magazine. These magazines provide swift and hassle-free reloading, minimizing downtime and maximizing shooting opportunities.

Versatile Optic Rail and Impressive Velocity

The Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle features a combination optic rail that accepts both 11mm and Picatinny rings. This versatility allows shooters to easily mount their preferred optic, whether it’s a scope, red dot sight, or any other compatible accessory. Moreover, this air rifle delivers impressive velocity, shooting .22 caliber pellets at up to 1000 fps and .25 caliber pellets at up to 950 fps. The high velocity ensures sufficient power and accuracy for effectively taking down wild turkey.


  • Ever Pressure Tank System reduces pumping efforts
  • Smooth operation and quick reloading with auto-indexing magazines
  • Versatile optic rail for enhanced accuracy


  • Limited caliber options

3. Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle

The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle is another exceptional choice for small game hunting including wild turkey, pheasant, porcupine, rabbit or snake. This high-powered pellet gun offers an impressive velocity of up to 1,000 FPS with alloy .22 Cal. pellets, ensuring accurate and lethal shots. Equipped with the revolutionary 10X GEN3i technology, it features a horizontal inertia fed magazine integration, allowing for quick and seamless reloading. With its 10-shot magazine capacity, shooters can easily break the barrel and fire lightning-quick follow-up shots, maximizing their chances of success in the field. The Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression system reduces noise, enhancing stealth and minimizing the risk of alarming the prey.

Additionally, the IGT Gas Piston power plant replaces the traditional spring mechanism with an Inert Gas Cylinder, providing consistent power and reduced recoil. The CAT Precision Trigger allows shooters to independently adjust the trigger pull and crispness to suit their preferences, while the RRR Recoil Reducing Rail helps reduce stress on the scope. The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle also features a premium stock with rubber inserts for improved grip and comfort in all weather conditions. Backed by a 3-year warranty and made in Barcelona, Spain, this air rifle guarantees reliability and durability for wild turkey hunting adventures.

Swarm Maxxim Technology

The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle is equipped with Swarm Maxxim Technology, which offers an impressive 10-shot capability. This technology allows shooters to break the barrel and fire 10 consecutive shots without manually reloading. It significantly reduces the downtime between shots, providing quick follow-up opportunities when targeting wild turkey. With this feature, hunters can maintain focus on their prey and increase their chances of a successful harvest.

Whisper Fusion Noise Dampening

The Whisper Fusion noise dampening system integrated into the Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle is designed to minimize noise during firing. This technology combines advanced noise reduction features, such as a sound moderator and an improved muzzle break, to effectively reduce the rifle’s sound signature. By suppressing noise, this air rifle helps hunters stay discreet and avoid alarming nearby wild turkey. It enhances stealthy hunting approaches and contributes to a more successful hunting experience.

Custom Action Trigger (CAT)

The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X Air Rifle features a Custom Action Trigger (CAT) that provides users with adjustable trigger settings. Shooters can independently adjust the first and second stages of the trigger, tailoring it to their personal preference for pull weight and crispness. This customization option ensures a more comfortable and controlled shooting experience, allowing hunters to achieve better accuracy and shot placement. With the CAT system, shooters can optimize the trigger to suit their individual needs and maximize their shooting performance when targeting wild turkey.


  • 10-shot magazine capacity for quick follow-up shots
  • Whisper Fusion noise dampening system
  • Custom Action Trigger (CAT) for adjustable trigger settings


  • Limited information on durability and warranty

4. Stoeger XM1 Airgun 

The Stoeger XM1 Airgun stands out as a remarkable air rifle for hunting wild turkey and other small game animals, offering a range of impressive features. Powered by PCP action with an integrated regulator, this airgun delivers a maximum pressure of up to 2,900 PSI, ensuring powerful and consistent shots. The XM1 features an ergonomic bolt lever with exclusive THRIDION technology for optimal grip, an automatic ambidextrous safety, and a two-stage adjustable trigger, providing shooters with enhanced control and accuracy. With the option to choose between .22 and .177 caliber rifles, hunters can select the ideal caliber for their specific needs, each offering alloy pellet muzzle velocities of up to 1,200 fps.

The XM1 prioritizes shooter comfort, including 2 recoil-pad spacers, 2 interchangeable cheekpieces, and 2 interchangeable pistol grips, allowing for personalized customization and improved shooting comfort. In terms of innovation, the XM1 comes with both a 7-shot rotary magazine and a single-pellet loader, enabling it to function as either a bolt-action repeater or a single-shot air rifle. Additionally, this airgun combo may include a 4×32 scope, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition. Stoeger provides a 5-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind and guaranteeing the quality and durability of the XM1 Airgun.

Powerful PCP Action with Integrated Regulator

The XM1 is driven by PCP (Pre-Charged Pneumatic) action, offering up to 2900PSI of pressure. The integrated regulator ensures consistent power output, resulting in reliable and powerful shots. This feature is crucial for wild turkey hunting, as it provides the necessary energy and penetration to effectively take down the target. The XM1’s powerful PCP action allows for precise and lethal shots, increasing the likelihood of a successful hunt.

Versatile Caliber Options and Adjustable Sights

The XM1 gives you the option to choose between .22 and .177 caliber rifles, allowing you to select the ideal caliber for your specific needs and preferences. Both calibers offer alloy pellet muzzle velocities of up to 1,200 fps, ensuring sufficient speed and energy for wild turkey hunting. Additionally, the air rifle comes with a fiber-optic front sight with interchangeable red and orange inserts and a fully adjustable fiber-optic rear sight. These adjustable sights enable you to fine-tune your aim for improved accuracy and target acquisition in various lighting conditions.

Customizable and Ergonomic Design

The Stoeger XM1 Airgun prioritizes shooter comfort and adaptability. It comes with two recoil-pad spacers, two interchangeable cheekpieces, and two interchangeable pistol grips. These features allow you to customize the air rifle to your individual style and shooting preferences, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic fit. A well-fitted rifle contributes to better stability, control, and shot consistency, enhancing your overall shooting experience and increasing your chances of a successful turkey hunt.


  • Powerful PCP action with integrated regulator
  • Versatile caliber options and adjustable sights
  • Customizable and ergonomic design


  • Limited information of accessories

5. Benjamin 392S Bolt Action Air Rifle

The Benjamin 392S Bolt Action Air Rifle is an excellent choice for hunting small animals including wild turkey, featuring a range of key features that contribute to its effectiveness in the field. The air rifle comes equipped with a new all-weather synthetic stock and foregrip, providing durability and resistance to the elements. Its Monte Carlo styling enhances the overall aesthetics while offering a comfortable and ergonomic grip. The variable pump system allows for adjustable power, delivering velocities ranging from 500 to 800 FPS.

With a rifled barrel and cross bolt safety, the Benjamin 392S ensures both accuracy and safety during use. The fully adjustable rear sight enables precise and customized aiming, allowing shooters to adapt to different shooting distances and conditions. Additionally, the air rifle is lightweight at 5.5 pounds, making it easy to carry and maneuver in the field. The combination of these features makes the Benjamin 392S Bolt Action Air Rifle a reliable and efficient tool for successful wild turkey hunting.

Variable Pump System

The Benjamin 392S features a variable pump system, allowing the shooter to control the power and velocity of each shot. By pumping the rifle multiple times, you can adjust the air pressure within the rifle, resulting in muzzle velocities ranging from 500 to 800 FPS (feet per second). This feature provides flexibility in adapting to different hunting scenarios and distances. The ability to fine-tune the power output allows for precise shots, ensuring the necessary energy for an effective takedown of wild turkey.

Rifled Barrel and Fully Adjustable Rear Sight

The air rifle is equipped with a rifled barrel, which imparts spin to the pellets, improving their stability and accuracy in flight. This rifling enhances the rifle’s overall precision and shot consistency, increasing the likelihood of hitting your target accurately. Additionally, the Benjamin 392S comes with a fully adjustable rear sight. This feature enables you to customize the sight picture according to your preferences and shooting conditions, ensuring optimal target acquisition and improved accuracy in varying environments.

All-Weather Synthetic Stock and Lightweight Design

The Benjamin 392S features an all-weather synthetic stock and foregrip, making it resistant to the elements and durable for use in various weather conditions. This synthetic material offers reliability and longevity, with the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance. Moreover, the air rifle boasts a lightweight design, weighing in at just 5.5 pounds. The lightweight nature of the rifle makes it easy to carry and maneuver during extended hunting trips, reducing fatigue and allowing for quick target acquisition in the field.


  • Variable pump system for adjustable power
  • Rifled barrel and fully adjustable rear sight for improved accuracy
  • All-weather synthetic stock and lightweight design


  • Single-shot capacity may require more frequent reloading

6. Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Piston Air Rifle

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Piston Air Rifle is a powerful and accurate option. Available in three calibers (.177, .22, and .25), this air rifle offers impressive velocities and muzzle energy. With lead-free pellets, it reaches a maximum velocity of 1550 FPS (.177 cal) and up to34 foot-pounds of energy (.25 cal), providing the necessary power for successful turkey hunting. The Mod 125 features a break barrel, single-shot cocking system and a fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger system for precise and consistent trigger pulls.

It incorporates the SAS™ (Shock Absorber System) to reduce recoil and vibrations, ensuring improved accuracy and shooter comfort. The all-weather synthetic stock with raised rubber inlays on the grip and forearm offers better control and feel, while the TRIOPAD butt system absorbs recoil. The air rifle also includes a precision rifled German steel barrel, a manual and automatic cocking safety, an anti-bear trap safety mechanism, and a micro adjustable rear sight with fiber optics for enhanced visibility. Additionally, the Mod 125 comes with a hatsan sling for added convenience and versatility. With its robust features and high-performance capabilities, the Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Piston Air Rifle is a top contender for turkey hunting.

High-Precision Accuracy

The Hatsan Mod 125 excels in delivering exceptional accuracy, making it an ideal choice for shooting wild turkey. With its precision-engineered rifled barrel, this air rifle ensures consistent and precise shot placement. Whether you opt for the .177, .22, or .25 caliber, the Mod 125 is designed to provide outstanding accuracy, allowing you to target wild turkey with confidence. The combination of the rifled barrel, advanced trigger system, and high-quality craftsmanship of the Mod 125 enables hunters to achieve pinpoint accuracy and tight shot groups, increasing the chances of a successful harvest while maintaining humane kills.

Advanced Trigger System and Safety Mechanisms

The Hatsan Mod 125 Spring Sniper Combo features a fully adjustable 2-stage Quattro Trigger system. This advanced trigger allows shooters to customize the trigger pull according to their preferences, resulting in a crisp and consistent shot release. Additionally, the air rifle is equipped with both manual and automatic cocking safety mechanisms, ensuring safe handling and preventing accidental discharge. The anti-bear trap safety mechanism further enhances the safety of the rifle, providing peace of mind during use. These features contribute to a reliable and secure shooting experience.

Ergonomic Design and Optics

This pellet gun is designed for comfort and usability in the field. It features an all-weather black synthetic stock with an ambidextrous design, offering durability and versatility. The raised soft rubber inlays on the grip and forearm provide improved control and a comfortable feel. Additionally, the air rifle may include a 3-9×32 multi-coated Optima scope and rings, enhancing accuracy and target acquisition at varying distances. The optics allow for better visibility and aim, enabling hunters to accurately and confidently target wild turkey in different environments and lighting conditions.


  • Impressive velocities and muzzle energy
  • SAS™ (Shock Absorber System) for reduced recoil
  • Extremely powerful and great takedown power


  • A tad bit too heavy for the average joe

Tips For Hunting Wild Turkey

  • Scout and learn turkey habits: Before heading out, spend time scouting the area and learn about the habits and patterns of wild turkeys. Look for roosting areas, feeding spots, and travel routes to increase your chances of locating them.
  • Concealment is key: Wild turkeys have excellent eyesight, so it’s crucial to blend into your surroundings. Wear camouflaged clothing that matches the environment and consider using a camouflage blind or natural cover to stay hidden.
  • Master turkey calls: Practice using different turkey calls such as box calls, slate calls, or mouth calls to mimic turkey sounds. Learn various calls like yelps, clucks, and purrs to attract turkeys and increase your chances of luring them within range.
  • Set up decoys strategically: Using turkey decoys can be highly effective. Set up realistic decoys in open areas to attract turkeys and create a visual focal point. Position them within shooting range and in a way that offers you good visibility for a clear shot.
  • Be patient and still: Wild turkeys can be cautious and easily spooked. Once you’re in position, remain patient and avoid sudden movements. Stay still and observant, as turkeys may take their time approaching the decoys or responding to calls.
  • Take careful shots: When the opportunity for a shot presents itself, aim for the turkey’s vital area, which is the head and neck region. A clean and accurate shot will ensure a quick and ethical harvest. Always prioritize safety and be aware of your surroundings before taking a shot.
  • Hunt during the right time of day: Turkeys are most active during the early morning and late afternoon. Plan your hunts accordingly and be in the field before dawn or set up in the late afternoon to increase your chances of encountering wild turkeys.

Things To Consider Before Buying Air Rifle For Hunting Wild Turkey

License and Regulations

Before purchasing an air rifle for hunting wild turkey, familiarize yourself with the local hunting regulations and licensing requirements in your area. Ensure that hunting wild turkey with an air rifle is legal and obtain any necessary permits or licenses. Adhering to the regulations ensures that you hunt responsibly and within the legal framework established to protect wildlife populations and maintain conservation efforts.

Power and Velocity

When hunting wild turkey, you need an air rifle with sufficient power and velocity to ensure a clean and humane kill. Look for models that offer high muzzle velocity, typically measured in feet per second (fps). A velocity of at least 800 fps is recommended for hunting wild turkey, as it provides the necessary energy to penetrate the bird’s thick feathers and deliver an effective shot.


The caliber of the air rifle is another crucial factor to consider. For hunting wild turkey, a .22 or .25 caliber air rifle is commonly preferred. These calibers offer enough stopping power and accuracy to bring down a turkey effectively. However, it’s essential to check the hunting regulations in your area, as some regions may have specific caliber restrictions.

Accuracy and Range

Accurate shot placement is vital when targeting wild turkey, as they have small vital areas. Look for an air rifle with excellent accuracy and a consistent trajectory. Additionally, consider the effective range of the rifle. Ideally, you want a rifle that can maintain accuracy and power at distances of 30-50 yards, as wild turkeys can be wary and may require shots from a distance.

Noise Level

Wild turkeys have keen hearing and can be easily spooked by loud noises. Opt for an air rifle with a low noise level to avoid alerting nearby birds. Many air rifles come with integrated noise reduction technology or are specifically designed for quiet operation, allowing for stealthy hunting without alarming your prey.

Ergonomics and Handling

Since hunting wild turkey often requires stalking and maneuvering in various terrains, it’s crucial to choose an air rifle that feels comfortable and well-balanced in your hands. Consider factors such as weight, stock design, and overall ergonomics to ensure a rifle that offers good handling and ease of use during extended hunting trips.

Scope Compatibility

A reliable and accurate scope can significantly enhance your hunting experience by providing better target acquisition and precise aiming. Look for air rifles that have scope rails or mounting systems compatible with various scopes, allowing you to customize your setup according to your preferences and hunting conditions.

Safety Features

Always prioritize safety when selecting an air rifle for hunting. Look for rifles with features such as automatic safeties or anti-bear trap mechanisms, which prevent accidental discharge and ensure the well-being of both the hunter and the environment.


Selecting the best air rifle for hunting wild turkey requires careful consideration of various factors. From power and velocity to caliber, accuracy, and noise level, each aspect plays a vital role in ensuring a successful and ethical hunting experience. Additionally, being aware of local laws, regulations, and obtaining the required licenses is essential for responsible hunting.

By taking the time to research and evaluate different models, considering your specific needs and preferences, you can find the perfect air rifle that combines power, accuracy, and reliability for a thrilling and rewarding wild turkey hunting adventure. Remember to prioritize safety, practice ethical hunting practices, and respect the environment as you embark on your next hunting expedition. Happy hunting!


What is the best rifle for wild turkey?

The best rifle for wild turkey hunting is subjective and depends on personal preference. However, popular choices include semi-automatic shotguns, pump-action shotguns, and high powered air rifles.

What is the best air rifle caliber for turkey hunting?

For turkey hunting, popular rifle calibers include .22, .25 and .30. These calibers offer sufficient power and accuracy to effectively hunt turkeys while minimizing recoil.

What range for air gun hunting?

The effective range for air gun hunting depends on various factors such as the power and velocity of the specific air rifle being used. Generally, most air rifles are effective within a range of 30-50 yards for hunting purposes.

Where is the best spot to shoot a turkey with a rifle?

The best spot to shoot a turkey with a rifle is the head and neck area, aiming for the vital zones. Aiming at the head and neck ensures a quick and humane kill, minimizing the risk of damaging the meat. However, it is essential to be proficient in shot placement and practice ethical hunting practices to ensure a clean and effective kill.

Are there specific regulations for hunting wild turkey with a gun?

Yes, regulations regarding hunting wild turkey with a gun can vary by location. It’s essential to check your local hunting regulations to ensure compliance with specific rules regarding hunting seasons, required licenses, permitted firearms, ammunition, and legal shooting hours.

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