What is The Best Air Rifle for Hunting Feral Hogs in 2023?

Calling all hunters ready for an adrenaline-pumping challenge! If you’re on a quest to conquer feral hogs, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I present the top 6 best air rifles specifically tailored for hunting these formidable beasts. So discover the best air rifle for hunting feral hogs with ease.

I Tested And Ranked The Best Air Rifles For Hunting Feral Hogs (Top 6 Picks)

  • Hatsan Piledriver Big Bore PCP Air Rifle Review
  • Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle Review
  • Hatsan Factor PCP Side Lever Action Air Rifle Picture
  • Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle Picture
  • Benjamin Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle Picture
  • Seneca Big Bore Air Rifle Picture

1. Hatsan Piledriver Big Bore PCP Air Rifle

My Top Pick

Key Features

  • Genuine bullpup design for improved maneuverability and control
  • Unique gas piston hammer spring design for consistent performance
  • Locking elevation adjustable cheek rest for personalized comfort
  • Long combination optics rail that accepts both 11 mm and Picatinny scope mounts for versatile optics choices

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate air rifle to take down hogs? Look no further than the Hatsan PileDriver Big Bore PCP Air Rifle. Packed with power and precision, this air rifle is equipped with a genuine bullpup design and a manual loading, side-lever action for optimal control.

The unique gas piston hammer spring design ensures consistent performance, while the locking elevation adjustable cheek rest guarantees a comfortable shooting experience. With an elevation and fit angle adjustable soft rubberized butt pad, you’ll have maximum comfort and stability. The long combination optics rail accepts both 11 mm and Picatinny scope mounts, giving you versatility in your optics choices.

With a max velocity of 850 fps and a muzzle energy of 800 ft/lbs, this air rifle delivers the punch needed to take down hogs with ease. Plus, with the included pack of Solid Lead Ammo .50 cal., 550 grain (20 ct.) air rifle pellets, you’ll be ready to hit the field right away. Get your hands on the Hatsan PileDriver and experience the ultimate hog hunting companion.


  • Powerful performance, suitable for hunting larger game
  • Capable of delivering significant power and impact


  • Can be heavy to carry due to its power output

2. Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun

Key Features

  • Most powerful production air rifle on the market, delivering unmatched energy to the target
  • One full tank provides 4 regulated shots plus a finishing shot for a total of 5 shots
  • Ultralight 4500 psi, 24 cubic inch carbon fiber air tank for extended shooting sessions
  • Modern stock design with M-LOK locations for accessory mounting and a Picatinny rail for optics, offering versatility in customization options

For those seeking unrivaled power in their quest to hunt hogs, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and similar game, the Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun stands as an exceptional choice. As the most powerful production air rifle in existence, it delivers an incredible amount of energy directly into its target.

With one full tank, you’ll have four full-power regulated shots at your disposal, along with a finishing shot. The ultralight carbon fiber air tank, weighing 4500 psi and 24 cubic inches, combines with a modern stock design featuring M-LOK locations for accessories and a Picatinny rail for optics.

Quiet and packed with features, including two 2-shot linear mags and a 2-pound straight pull bolt, the Umarex Hammer ensures precise and effortless shooting. Safety measures include a mag lock-out and trigger block safety, further enhancing its reliability. Shooting .50 caliber pellets at up to 1130 fps, the Umarex Hammer PCP Pellet Gun is the embodiment of power and precision for the avid hunter.


  • Built very well and accurate
  • Extremely powerful and great shooter


  • Quality issues with magazines

3. Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Powerful .45 caliber for impressive stopping power
  • Bullpup design with a pre-charged pneumatic system for compactness and maneuverability
  • QuietEnergy technology with integrated sound moderator for a quieter shooting experience
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger for personalized trigger travel and load settings

Introducing the Hatsan Hercules Bully PCP Air Rifle, a formidable weapon designed to deliver power and precision in every shot. This .45 caliber bullpup features a pre-charged pneumatic system and a smooth side lever action for effortless operation. Equipped with QuietEnergy technology and an integrated sound moderator, it ensures a quiet shooting experience.

The two-stage adjustable trigger allows customization for trigger travel and load. With a lengthy 21″ combination optics rail, it accommodates both 11 mm and Picatinny scope mounts, providing versatility in optics choices. The 480cc carbon fiber air bottle mounted in the forearm ensures ample air supply for extended shooting sessions.

The rifle also boasts detachable folding and adjustable sights with fiber optics, enhancing accuracy. With a maximum velocity of 850 FPS and a maximum muzzle energy of 290 FPE, this air rifle packs a punch. However, it’s important to note that velocity and energy may vary based on factors such as pellet weight, shape, material, temperature, elevation, and more.


  • Compact and powerful
  • Accurate with proper adjustments and maintenance


  • Requires adjustments

4. Benjamin Bulldog PCP Bolt Action Hunting Rifle

Key Features

  • PCP-powered for impressive hunting performance
  • Durable synthetic design with a compact bullpup configuration
  • Reversible sidelever bolt action for ambidextrous shooters
  • Baffle-less sound trap for effective sound suppression during shots

The Benjamin Bulldog PCP Bolt Action Hunting Rifle is a true game-changer for feral hog and big game hunting enthusiasts. Available in .357 and .457 calibers, this PCP-powered air rifle packs a punch. Its durable synthetic design, with a compact 36-inch overall length and bullpup configuration, ensures easy maneuverability in the field.

The reversible sidelever bolt action and lever safety cater to both left and right-handed shooters. The baffle-less sound trap provides impressive sound suppression for a stealthy approach. With a rifled-steel barrel, it achieves velocities of up to 910 fps with .357 caliber and nearly 760 fps with .457 caliber.

The 26-inch Picatinny rail offers ample space for your preferred accessories, allowing you to customize your setup. As a bonus, the rifle includes a 5-shot magazine and a cleaning kit, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your hunting adventures. With Benjamin’s reputation as a true original, the Bulldog PCP Bolt Action Hunting Rifle is a reliable and powerful choice for any hunter.


  • Suitable for hunting small to medium game
  • Durable build quality


  • Limited shots without carrying additional air supply

5. Hatsan Factor PCP Side Lever Action Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Bullpup design with side-lever action for improved maneuverability and control
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator for quiet shots
  • Externally adjustable hammer preload for fine-tuning shooting performance
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor cylinder pressure, ensuring optimal performance

Experience the power and precision of the Hatsan Factor PCP Side Lever Action Air Rifle. This all-inclusive package comes with everything you need for an exceptional shooting experience. The bullpup design and side-lever action provide optimal maneuverability and control. With an externally adjustable hammer preload, you can fine-tune your shooting performance.

The QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator ensures quiet shots without compromising power. The precision rifled and choked barrel guarantees accuracy with every shot. Monitor your cylinder pressure with the built-in pressure gauge. Enjoy customized comfort with the 9-position elevation adjustable cheek rest, adjustable ergonomic rubber grip, and elevation and angle adjustable rubber buttpad.

The removable Picatinny accessory rail allows for easy attachment of a bipod. The black metal trigger with vertical and angular shoe adjustment offers personalized control. With a max velocity of 956 FPS and max energy of 140 FPE, this air rifle delivers impressive performance. Get ready for extended shooting sessions with 32 shots at optimal velocity.


  • Fully tunable with multiple regulators
  • Shoots extremely accurately and on target


  • Not suitable for beginners

6. Seneca Big Bore Hunter PCP Air Rifle

Key Features

  • Powerful .45 caliber for effective hunting of small to medium game
  • Bolt action firing mechanism with ample shots at 3,000 psi max-fill pressure
  • Dual air chambers with a total capacity of 500 cc for consistent performance
  • Hardwood Monte Carlo stock with checkered forearm and grip for durability and comfort

Prepare for a thrilling hog hunting adventure with the Seneca Big Bore Hunter PCP Air Rifle. Designed for power and precision, this single-shot pellet gun packs a punch with its .45 caliber and 21.65″ barrel length. With a max velocity of 730 fps, it’s perfect for targeting small to medium game. Featuring a bolt action firing mechanism and a generous 3,000 psi max-fill pressure, this PCP air rifle offers plenty of shots.

The adjustable power levels and built-in manometer ensure ease of use in any situation. Equipped with dual air chambers and a total capacity of 500 cc, this hunting air rifle delivers exceptional performance. The fixed front sight and adjustable, removable rear sight, along with the 11-millimeter scope rail, provide versatility in aiming options.

Crafted with quality materials, including a hardwood Monte Carlo stock with a checkered forearm and grip, this precharged pneumatic rifle exudes durability. The rifled barrel guarantees accuracy, measuring between 0.4516″ to 0.4567″ in diameter. Safety is paramount, so be sure to engage the manual safety before loading the barrel.


  • Excellent build quality and well-made
  • Balanced and versatile air rifle with a great overall performance


  • Loud, not suitable for shooting around residential areas

Tips and Advice for Successful Feral Hog Hunting with an Air Gun

Master the art of feral hog hunting with these expert tips for success!

Stealth and Camouflage

Feral hogs possess a keen sense of smell and hearing, making stealth and camouflage essential for getting within shooting range. Dress in earth-toned clothing, use scent-blocking sprays, and move slowly and quietly to avoid detection.

Shot Placement

Proper shot placement is crucial when hunting feral hogs with an air rifle. Aim for vital areas like the heart and lungs to ensure an ethical and humane kill. Avoid headshots, as the thick skull of feral hogs can deflect pellets.

Optimize Your Air Rifle Setup

Choose an air rifle with sufficient power and caliber for feral hog hunting. Consider features like sound suppression and adjustable triggers to enhance your shooting performance. Regularly practice with your chosen rifle to become familiar with its capabilities and limitations.

Study Hog Behavior and Patterns

Understanding feral hog behavior and their feeding patterns will significantly improve your chances of a successful hunt. Study their tracks, wallows, and feeding areas to identify the best locations for ambush.

Safety First

Hunting feral hogs can be challenging and potentially dangerous. Always prioritize safety during your hunting expedition. Hunt in groups if possible, inform someone about your location and expected return time, and carry essential safety gear like a first aid kit and communication devices.

Respect the Environment

Feral hogs are invasive species and can cause significant damage to the ecosystem. Hunt responsibly and follow local regulations to help manage their population and protect native wildlife.

Post-Shot Tracking

After taking a shot, be prepared to track the wounded hog if necessary. Blood trails can be difficult to follow in dense vegetation, so use markers to track your progress and be patient in your pursuit.

Field Dressing and Handling

Properly field dress the harvested hog to preserve the meat and prevent spoilage. Have a plan for transporting the meat and follow local regulations regarding the transportation of harvested game.

Learn from Experience

Each hunting trip is a learning opportunity. Take note of what worked well and what could be improved upon during your hunts. Continuously refine your skills and strategies to become a more effective feral hog hunter.

Respect the Wildlife

Hunting is a privilege, and it’s essential to respect the animals you pursue. Appreciate the majesty of nature and the thrill of the hunt, while always ensuring ethical and responsible hunting practices. By embracing these tips and advice, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a successful and rewarding feral hog hunting adventure with your trusty air rifle.

Final Thoughts: Best Air Rifle for Hunting Feral Hogs

As we reach the end of our journey into the world of feral hog hunting with an air rifle, I hope that you are now armed with the knowledge, tips, and advice necessary for a successful and exhilarating hunting experience. Remember, stealth, shot placement, and optimizing your air rifle setup are key factors in achieving your hunting goals. Respect the environment, prioritize safety, and continue to refine your skills with each hunting expedition. Embrace the challenge, savor the adventure, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you embark on feral hog hunting with confidence and skill. May your aim be true, your hunts be rewarding, and your memories be unforgettable. Happy hunting!


Certainly! Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Top 6 Best Air Rifles for Hunting Feral Hogs:

Can I use the same air rifle for hunting feral hogs and other game?

While some air rifles are versatile enough to handle various game, it’s essential to select an air rifle specifically designed for feral hog hunting. Look for models with sufficient power, accuracy, and noise suppression to handle the challenging task of hunting these formidable creatures.

What caliber is recommended for feral hog hunting with an air rifle?

For feral hog hunting, air rifles in .30 caliber or higher are often recommended due to their stopping power and ability to penetrate the thick hide and tough bone structure of hogs. However, some .25 caliber air rifles with sufficient power can also be effective.

Are air rifles legal for hunting feral hogs?

The legality of using air rifles for hunting feral hogs depends on local hunting regulations and laws. In many states, air rifles meeting certain power requirements are permitted for hunting small game, including feral hogs. Always check and comply with your state or country’s specific hunting regulations.

What is the best time of day to hunt feral hogs with an air rifle?

Feral hogs are most active during dusk and dawn, making these the prime times for hunting. However, they can also be active throughout the night, so night-vision or illuminated reticle scopes can be advantageous for nocturnal hunts.

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