I Tested And Ranked The Best Air Rifle For Beavers in 2023

Looking to tackle beaver problems on your property? If so, you’ll need the best air rifle for beavers to ensure efficient and humane pest control. Beavers can cause significant damage to trees and structures, and finding the right tool for the job is essential. In this blog post, I’ll explore some top-notch air rifles specifically designed for beaver hunting. From power and accuracy to durability and user-friendly features, I’ll guide you through the best options on the market. Say goodbye to beaver troubles and hello to effective pest management with my expert recommendations.

Detailed Review Of Top 7 Best Air Rifle For Beavers

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Get ready to discover the ultimate air rifles for beaver hunting. My comprehensive review highlights the top seven models that excel in power, construction, speed, and capacity. Find the perfect air rifle to tackle beaver problems confidently and effectively.

1. Umarex Origin PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle: Best Air Rifle For Beavers

My Top Pick

The Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle is a remarkable choice for beaver hunting, offering powerful performance and convenient features. Its unique design and exceptional performance have earned it a top spot on my list. The innovative Ever Pressure Tank System cuts pumping time in half, providing more shooting time.

The side-mounted cocking lever ensures smooth operation. With a versatile combination optic rail accepting 11mm and Picatinny rings, mounting your preferred optic is a breeze. Shooting .25 caliber pellets at up to 950 fps, this air rifle delivers the power and accuracy needed for successful beaver hunting. It’s perfect for both seasoned hunters and beginners.

Efficient Pumping with Ever Pressure Tank System

With the Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle, you can maximize your shooting time without exhausting yourself with constant pumping. This truly unique PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle cuts pumping efforts in half, allowing you to focus more on your shooting experience. Thanks to its innovative Ever Pressure Tank System, the air cylinder can be filled with significantly fewer pumps. In fact, to fully charge the tank, you only need about 100 pumps from a hand pump, which is half the amount required by comparable PCP rifles with a similar air cylinder volume. Say goodbye to excessive pumping and hello to more shooting action.

Smooth Operation and 8-Shot Auto-Indexing Rotary Magazine

The Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle is designed for hassle-free shooting. Its side-mounted cocking lever ensures smooth operation, enabling quick and effortless reloading between shots. Plus, it comes equipped with an included 8-shot auto-indexing rotary magazine that shares its design with the highly regarded Umarex Gauntlet magazine. This feature allows for seamless and reliable magazine rotation, ensuring a continuous shooting experience without any interruptions.

Versatile Optic Mounting with Combination Optic Rail

Customizing your shooting experience is a breeze with the Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle. It features a combination optic rail that accepts both 11mm and Picatinny rings. This versatility allows you to easily mount your favorite optic, whether it’s a traditional scope or a modern red dot sight. With the option to choose from a wide range of optics, you can enhance your accuracy and precision while hunting beavers, ensuring every shot counts.

Impressive Velocity and .25 Caliber Power

When it comes to hunting beavers, power and velocity are crucial factors. The Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle delivers impressive performance in this regard. It shoots .25 caliber pellets at velocities of up to 950 feet per second, providing the necessary stopping power to effectively handle beaver-sized game. With such high velocity, you can confidently take accurate shots from various distances, ensuring a humane and successful hunting experience.


  • Convenient hand pump included for easy air rifle refilling
  • Accurate performance for precise targeting
  • Affordable price compared to other high-quality air rifles


  • Trigger may require adjustment or customization for optimal user preference

2. JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle: Elevate Your Beaver Hunting Game

This exceptional air rifle combines cutting-edge technology with rugged durability to deliver unmatched performance in the field. Available in both .22 and .25 calibers, the Airacuda Max offers versatility to suit your specific hunting needs. With a velocity of 920 FPS (.22) and 900 FPS (.25), this air rifle ensures exceptional speed and accuracy for precise shot placement

Equipped with a precharged pneumatic system and sidelever action, the Airacuda Max provides consistent power and effortless cocking. Its dual magazine system and durable all-metal construction further enhance the shooting experience. Elevate your beaver hunting game with the JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle and unleash the full potential of your skills.

Powerful Caliber Options

The JTS Airacuda Max PCP Air Rifle offers versatility in caliber selection, with both .22 and .25 options available. Whether you prefer the speed and accuracy of the .22 caliber or the additional stopping power of the .25 caliber, this air rifle ensures you have the right tool for the job. Choose the caliber that best suits your hunting preferences and enjoy a personalized shooting experience.

Precharged Pneumatic with Sidelever Action

Equipped with a precharged pneumatic system, the JTS Airacuda Max delivers consistent and reliable power for each shot. The sidelever action adds to the overall smoothness of operation, allowing for quick and effortless cocking of the rifle. With its efficient and consistent power delivery, this air rifle ensures you have the reliability and performance needed for successful beaver hunting.

Dual Magazine System

The JTS Airacuda Max comes with the added convenience of a dual magazine system. With two included magazines, you can quickly reload and fire consecutive shots without the need for manual pellet insertion. This feature allows for uninterrupted shooting, maximizing your chances of hitting your target accurately and efficiently.

Durable Construction and Safety Features

Built with an all-metal construction, the JTS Airacuda Max is designed to withstand the rigors of hunting and outdoor use. Its rugged build ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to confidently tackle challenging hunting environments. Additionally, the air rifle is equipped with a manual safety mechanism, providing an extra layer of protection and ensuring safe handling during your hunting adventures.


  • It offers impressive power and a long shooting range
  • The Airacuda Max offers efficient and hassle-free shooting sessions
  • It provides ample power for various shooting applications


  • The Airacuda Max requires a high fill pressure

3. Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle is designed to take your hunting pursuits to new heights. With caliber options available in .177, .22, and .25, the Benjamin Trail NP XL offers versatility to match your specific hunting needs. Equipped with a checkered hardwood stock, rifled steel barrel, and a reduction in noise by up to 70%, this air rifle combines stealth with accuracy for successful hunting.

With velocities reaching up to 900 FPS with .25 caliber, it delivers the ideal power for small game hunting, including beavers. Featuring a user-friendly design, a CenterPoint Optics precision scope, and a Picatinny rail for accessory compatibility, the Benjamin Trail NP XL is a true original that guarantees an unparalleled hunting experience.

Versatile Caliber Options

The Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle offers versatility in caliber selection, with options available in .177, .22, and .25. Whether you prioritize velocity, accuracy, or stopping power, this air rifle has you covered. Choose the caliber that best suits your hunting needs and experience the exceptional performance and versatility it brings to the field.

Reduced Noise, Enhanced Precision

Featuring a checkered hardwood stock and a rifled steel barrel, the Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle ensures a quiet and accurate shooting experience. The combination of these features results in a 70% reduction in noise compared to other air rifles, allowing for stealthy hunting without compromising accuracy. Enjoy precise and quiet shots, giving you the advantage when pursuing elusive beavers.

Powerful Performance for Small Game Hunting

With velocities of up to 900 FPS (.25 caliber), the Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle delivers the ideal power for small game hunting, including beavers. Its high muzzle energy ensures quick and humane takedowns, making it a reliable companion in the field. Experience the confidence of precise shot placement and the capability to handle various hunting scenarios with ease.

User-Friendly Design and Optics

The Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle is designed for ease of use and comfort during extended hunting sessions. Its smooth cocking mechanism and reduced recoil provide easy handling, allowing for accurate and consistent shots. Additionally, the included CenterPoint Optics 3-9x40mm precision scope features an adjustable objective and a range estimating reticle, enhancing your accuracy and target acquisition. The Picatinny rail provides compatibility with a wide range of accessories, allowing you to customize your setup according to your preferences.


  • Smoother and more consistent power delivery compared to traditional spring-piston rifles
  • The air rifle features a handsome hardwood stock
  • Suitable for various applications such as hunting and target shooting


  • The trigger on the Benjamin Trail air rifle may not meet the expectations of some shooters

4. Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle

Discover the power and precision of the Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle, a top-tier choice for beaver and raccoon hunting enthusiasts. With its versatile caliber options, superior features, and exceptional performance, this air rifle takes your hunting experience to the next level. The recommended .22 caliber model strikes the perfect balance between power and accuracy, making it ideal for targeting elusive game.

Equipped with a side bolt and a pre-charged pneumatic system, the Flash QE ensures smooth and effortless operation. Its advanced magazine system, adjustable Quattro Trigger, and durable construction further enhance the shooting experience. Experience the unmatched velocity and muzzle energy, combined with a sleek design and innovative features. Upgrade your hunting game with the Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle and unlock your true potential in the field.

Versatile Caliber Options

The Hatsan Flash QE PCP Air Rifle is available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers, catering to different hunting preferences. However, I recommend the .22 caliber for its optimal balance of power and accuracy, making it well-suited for taking down beavers and raccoons with ease.

Efficient Magazine System

Equipped with two detachable spring-loaded rotary magazines, the Flash QE offers a convenient reloading experience. The .177 and .22 caliber models have a 12-shot capacity, while the .25 caliber model holds up to 10 shots. Additionally, a single-shot tray is included for those who prefer a more controlled and deliberate shooting style.

Precise Quattro Trigger

The Quattro Trigger system featured in the Hatsan Flash QE delivers exceptional accuracy and control. With its fully adjustable 2-stage design, you can fine-tune the trigger pull to suit your preferences and achieve consistent shot placement. Experience crisp and reliable trigger breaks for enhanced shooting performance.

Durable Construction and Enhanced Features

The Flash QE boasts a robust skeletonized all-weather synthetic stock, providing durability and resistance to the elements. Its black anodized aluminum receiver ensures longevity and a sleek appearance. The rifle also features a Monte Carlo cheek rest, a rubber butt pad for added comfort, and a combination Picatinny and 11mm dovetail optics rail for easy mounting of your preferred optic.


  • It offers great power and performance for its price
  • This air rifle is known for its quietness during shooting
  • The Benjamin Trail air rifle is recognized for its accuracy


  • Plastic trigger may not be preferred by certain hunters or shooters

5. Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle

Experience the pinnacle of performance and innovation with the Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle. Designed to excel in beaver hunting, this high-powered air rifle combines cutting-edge features with impressive firepower. With velocities of up to 1,000 FPS using alloy .22 caliber pellets, the Swarm Viper delivers exceptional speed and accuracy. Its revolutionary 10X GEN3i technology introduces an inertia-fed magazine integration, allowing for lightning-quick follow-up shots.

The Whisper Maxxim noise suppression system ensures a quieter performance, while the IGT gas piston provides enhanced power and precision. With a customizable CAT trigger, recoil reduction technology, and a premium all-weather stock, the Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle sets the benchmark for hunting excellence. Elevate your hunting game with this state-of-the-art air rifle and experience unrivaled performance in the field.

Unmatched Velocity and Firepower

Capable of reaching velocities of up to 1,000 FPS with alloy .22 caliber pellets, the Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle packs a punch. Take down beavers with ease and confidence, knowing you have the firepower to get the job done.

Revolutionary Inertia Fed Magazine

Featuring the innovative 10X GEN3i technology, this air rifle boasts a horizontal inertia fed magazine integration. With a 10-shot capacity, you can enjoy lightning-quick follow-up shots by simply breaking the barrel and firing. Say goodbye to cumbersome reloading and experience seamless shooting.

Whisper Maxxim Noise Suppression

Equipped with the Whisper Maxxim noise suppression system, this air rifle ensures a quieter performance. The dual noise dampening chambers work in harmony with the improved muzzle break design to reduce noise output. Enjoy a stealthier hunting experience without compromising accuracy.

Advanced Gas Piston Power and Precision Trigger

The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle utilizes the IGT gas piston, replacing the traditional spring power plant with an inert gas cylinder. This technology provides smoother and more consistent power, enhancing accuracy and reducing vibration. Additionally, the Custom Action Trigger (CAT) allows independent adjustment of the trigger’s first and second stages, enabling you to customize the trigger pull and crispness to suit your personal preference.


  • The Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle offers impressive firepower and velocities
  • This air rifle enables lightning-quick follow-up shots, enhancing shooting speed and efficiency
  • It ensures a quieter shooting experience


  • It may have a slightly heavier weight compared to other air rifles

6. Crosman MAG-Fire Ultra Multi-Shot Break Barrel Air Rifle

Crosman MAG-Fire Ultra Multi-Shot Break Barrel Air Rifle combines advanced features and cutting-edge technology to deliver unmatched performance and precision. With its Mag-Fire technology and 12-shot magazine, you can enjoy rapid-fire action without the hassle of manual reloading. Powered by Nitro Piston Elite technology, this rifle offers enhanced accuracy, speed, and power for optimal shooting experience.

The all-weather synthetic stock with soft touch inserts ensures comfort and durability in any condition. Equipped with QuietFire sound suppression and a 3-9x40mm AO scope, the MAG-FIRE ULTRA guarantees stealthy shots and downrange accuracy. Take your shooting skills to new heights with this exceptional air rifle and embrace the pinnacle of performance.

Mag-Fire Technology for Multi-Shot Action

The MAG-FIRE ULTRA features innovative Mag-Fire technology, enabling a low-profile, multi-shot action. With its 12-shot magazine, you can enjoy fast follow-up shots without the need for manual reloading. Say goodbye to interruptions and maintain your focus on the target.

Nitro Piston Elite Technology for Enhanced Performance

Powered by Nitro Piston Elite technology, this air rifle offers improved accuracy, speed, and power. The gas piston system delivers consistent power, reducing vibration and recoil. Experience smoother cocking, increased shot-to-shot consistency, and enhanced overall performance.

All-Weather Synthetic Stock with Soft Touch Inserts

The MAG-FIRE ULTRA boasts an all-weather synthetic stock that can withstand various environmental conditions. The soft touch inserts provide a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring optimal control and stability during your shooting sessions. Enjoy a durable and reliable air rifle built to withstand the elements.

QuietFire Sound Suppression and Precision Optics

Equipped with QuietFire sound suppression technology, this air rifle minimizes noise for a quieter shooting experience. This is particularly useful in situations where stealth is necessary. Additionally, the MAG-FIRE ULTRA comes with a 3-9x40mm AO scope, ensuring downrange accuracy and allowing you to precisely target your shots.


  • The Crosman MAG-Fire Ultra offers rapid-fire action without manual reloading
  • This air rifle delivers enhanced accuracy, speed, and power
  • Optimal control and stability in any weather conditions


  • The Crosman MAG-Fire Ultra may have limited customization options

7. Stoeger S8000-E TAC Airgun

As the ultimate choice for beaver hunting, Stoeger S8000-E TAC Airgun sets a new standard in performance and innovation. Equipped with the Gas-Ram system, it delivers unmatched durability, reliability, and accuracy. The reduction in vibration and elimination of sound ensure a stealthy approach to your targets. The Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System further enhances your hunting experience by significantly reducing noise output.

With the Multi-Grip System, you can customize the rifle to your preferred style and shooting comfort. The tactical-style stock with integral Picatinny rails allows effortless attachment of accessories, while the 5-year limited warranty guarantees peace of mind. Unleash your full potential with the Stoeger S8000-E TAC Airgun and conquer the wilderness with precision and confidence.

Gas-Ram System for Superior Performance

The S8000-E utilizes a Gas-Ram system, which replaces the traditional spring-driven mechanism. This innovative technology reduces vibration, eliminates noise, and delivers exceptional accuracy. With precise and consistent gas-pressure release, you can confidently hit your target with every shot. The package includes a 3-9×40 adjustable objective scope for enhanced aiming precision.

Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System

Maintain stealth and stay undetected with the Dual-Stage Noise Reduction System. This intelligent design incorporates an internal air-regulator ring and baffles, working in harmony to significantly reduce noise. Enjoy a quieter shooting experience without compromising on power and performance.

Customizable Multi-Grip System

Tailor your air rifle to suit your individual style and shooting comfort with the Multi-Grip System. Choose between the embossed grip and Stoeger’s innovative ProAdaptive Checkering to create a personalized feel. Experience improved control and handling, ensuring consistent and accurate shots.

Add-On Ready Tactical-Style Stock

The tactical-style stock of the S8000-E features integral Picatinny rails on both sides, providing convenient attachment points for a range of accessories. Whether it’s lasers, lights, bipods, or sling studs, you can easily customize your airgun to meet your specific needs and preferences.


  • Gas-Ram system offers superior performance, including reduced vibration, enhanced accuracy, and quiet operation
  • The Multi-Grip System allows shooters to personalize their air rifle’s grip
  • Reduced noise while maintaining power and performance


  • It may have limited options for aftermarket customization or upgrades

What Caliber Should You Pick For Shooting Beavers

When it comes to selecting the perfect caliber for shooting beavers, several considerations come into play. The .22 caliber, .25 caliber, and some medium game bores are highly recommended options. The .22 caliber air rifle offers a balance between power and precision, making it suitable for taking down beavers with accuracy and efficiency. Its lightweight design enables maneuverability in various shooting positions, ensuring a quick and effective shot placement.

On the other hand, the .25 caliber packs more punch, delivering increased kinetic energy to handle larger beavers or longer shooting distances. This caliber offers enhanced stopping power, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a bit more impact. Additionally, some medium game bores, such as the .30 and .35 calibers, provide even greater stopping power, suitable for more challenging situations. These calibers excel in delivering the necessary energy to effectively handle larger beavers or when shooting from extended ranges. Ultimately, the choice of caliber depends on your specific needs, shooting conditions, and personal preferences.

Why Should You Trust My Review About Best Air Rifle For Beavers

When it comes to finding the best air rifle for beavers, it’s essential to have reliable and trustworthy information to make an informed decision. That’s where my review comes in. I understand the importance of choosing the right air rifle that can effectively handle the unique challenges posed by beaver control. My team of experienced hunters and enthusiasts has meticulously researched and tested various air rifles specifically for this purpose.

I have evaluated factors such as power, durability, and overall performance to provide you with unbiased and comprehensive insights. With my in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field, I aim to guide you towards the most suitable air rifle that meets your specific needs. You can trust my review to deliver honest and valuable recommendations, ensuring that you invest in a top-quality air rifle that will help you effectively manage beaver-related issues with confidence and precision.

Mastering Beaver Hunting: Essential Tips and Techniques for Success

Remember, hunting beavers requires skill, patience, and respect for the natural world. By following these tips and embracing responsible hunting practices, you can enjoy a rewarding and sustainable hunting experience while contributing to the conservation of wildlife habitats.

Scout the Habitat

Before heading out for a beaver hunting expedition, it’s essential to scout the habitat and identify the areas where beavers are active. Look for signs such as chewed trees, dam constructions, and underwater entrances to their lodges. Understanding their habitat will help you plan your hunting strategy more effectively.

Practice Patience

Beavers are known for their cautious nature, and hunting them requires patience. Find a concealed vantage point near their activity areas and wait patiently for the right opportunity. Avoid making sudden movements or excessive noise that could alert them to your presence.

Choose the Right Time

Beavers are primarily nocturnal creatures, so hunting them during the early morning or late evening hours can increase your chances of success. Additionally, consider hunting during the colder months when they are more active and engaged in gathering food and maintaining their dams.

Concealment and Camouflage

Blend into your surroundings by wearing appropriate camouflage clothing and utilizing natural cover for concealment. Beavers have keen senses, including sharp eyesight, so minimizing your visibility is crucial. Use natural vegetation or ground blinds to create a concealed position for an optimal shot opportunity.

Aim for Vital Areas

When taking a shot at a beaver, aim for vital areas such as the heart or lungs. Ensure you have a clear shot and take the time to steady your aim before pulling the trigger. Ethical shot placement is crucial to ensure a quick and humane harvest.

Be Mindful of Shot Placement Near Water

If hunting beavers near water bodies, be cautious of shot placement to avoid ricochets or bullets skipping off the water’s surface. Opt for shots that have a clear backdrop or use earthen banks to safely absorb the impact of your shot.

Practice Safety

Always prioritize safety while hunting. Be aware of your surroundings and other potential hunters or outdoor enthusiasts in the area. Use proper firearm safety techniques and follow local hunting regulations and guidelines.

Leave No Trace

Respect the environment and leave no trace of your presence. Dispose of any waste properly and avoid damaging the beavers’ habitat. Conservation and ethical hunting practices go hand in hand.


Finding the best air rifle for beaver hunting is a crucial step towards a successful and ethical hunting experience. The key factors to consider include caliber selection, power and velocity, noise reduction, and ergonomic features that enhance accuracy and comfort. By evaluating these factors and aligning them with your specific hunting needs, you can choose an air rifle that delivers the performance and reliability required to effectively hunt beavers. Remember to always prioritize safety, adhere to hunting regulations, and practice ethical hunting techniques. With the right air rifle and a mindful approach, you can embark on exciting beaver hunting adventures while contributing to the conservation of these remarkable creatures and their natural habitats.


Here are few Frequently Asked Questions with Best Answers.

What is the best caliber for hunting beavers?

The recommended calibers for hunting beavers are typically .22 and .25. These calibers provide enough power and accuracy to effectively take down beavers without causing excessive damage.

Is It Legal To Shoot Beavers?

The legality of shooting beavers varies depending on your location and local regulations. In many areas, beavers are classified as game animals and can be legally hunted during designated hunting seasons with the appropriate licenses and permits. However, it’s crucial to check the specific hunting regulations in your region, as there may be restrictions or special requirements for hunting beavers. Additionally, some areas may have conservation programs in place that aim to manage beaver populations through non-lethal methods.

What is the best rifle for beaver hunting?

The best rifle for beaver hunting depends on various factors, including personal preference, hunting conditions, and local regulations. However, popular choices among hunters for beaver hunting include air rifles such as the Umarex Origin PCP Air Rifle, Hatsan Mod 130S Vortex Gas Piston Air Rifle, and Gamo Swarm Viper 10X GEN3i Air Rifle.

Can a .22 pellet gun kill a beaver?

Yes, a .22 pellet gun can potentially kill a beaver. However, it’s important to note that shot placement, pellet selection, and shot distance are critical factors. It is recommended to use higher calibers like .25 for beaver hunting to ensure sufficient power and accuracy for an ethical and effective harvest. Always follow local hunting regulations and use an appropriate caliber to ensure a humane and successful hunt.

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